Saturday, July 5, 2014

What I Wore: Cream Dreams

Dress- eBay, heels- Clarks via Spartoo, Necklace- F21

Above for an army function I had to attend this week. A cocktail party that basically turned into a lock in at The London Club. Also, when was the last cocktail party you went to, that had bugling going on in the middle of the street just off Oxford Street... Yes really...

Told ya! Also, buglers doing Skyfall- who said the Army didn't have a sense of humour!

I do love this dress, but I've shown it on the blog before- I wore it for T's passing out ceremony last year, so I should probably cut to the much more interesting bit of the post...

When I pulled this dress on on Thursday afternoon, it was having made some exciting plans very real. I handed in my notice at my current job and broke the news to my (totally amazing) team (of whom I'm super proud).

For some people, finding their perfect job is about a career or a profession. For some people the jobs they find themselves in (a bit like I did after graduating) are the start of a path they both love and choose to follow. For me, taking a proper job after growing up in a family of small business turned out to not really be for me.

I'm not leaving my job under a dark cloud, and I don't hate my job in the sense that it makes me miserable and unhappy. I just realised when I was offered the chance to head up a new business, that I'm not very good at and being an employee in a position where I can only take ownership over little elements of my job and that I'll always be subject to not knowing what's going to happen next week in a business growth and management context, let alone next month or next year.

September 1st 2014 is a Big Day for me, and it's the start of a new chapter for me. It's exciting and it's terrifying and it's a secret dream come true. For me, it's back to business. Business as usual. 

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