Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Favourites: 7 Things I'm in Love With This Month

I was only just bitching and whining about the change in seasons the other day, and I'm still feeling a tiny bit whinge-y, so I'm going to go right ahead and blame that on only just shaking the pretty gross infection that knocked me sideways. Pulling my away from my griping are a few things I'm a little bit in love with of late. So I'm sharing.

AW essentials F
Shoes, Clarks - Scarf, eBay - Hand Cream, Body Shop

Yeah, I caved and bought this knock-off version of that Zara Scarf. I almost bought the full priced real version when in a store (returning the trousers with the hilarious tiny tiny fit) recently, then decided to have a quick scout on eBay first. Many will think that was futile to save all of about £7 (I think the Zara version is £20?) but every little counts etc etc. I can also confirm that this scarf is big enough to double up as a blanket- no really, I needed to use it this way in hospital, never been so pleased with a new purchase.

In less snarky news, there's a full outfit post featuring these beautiful beautiful new shoes of perfection coming soon- long story short, green heels rock my world and these are my current runaroundeverywherenevertakethemoff shoes. And aren't they pretty?!

The cooler weather has dried my hands out something chronic, so whilst I'm sure you've read a zillion reviews of this Body Shop almond hand cream, I'm just here to tell you it's amazing, it smells beautiful and doesn't break the bank, even at full price (£5) and before we start talking about the endless discounts the Body Shop run.

AW essentials A
Poppy Pin, via Marks & Spencer - Watch, gift - Nail Polish, Models Own via Boots - Above Knuckle Rings, Bohemian Collective 

Remembrance is almost upon us and the Poppy Appeal campaign was launched officially last week. I always lose paper poppies and it's cringe worthy because T & I have a lot of events to attend in November if I'm without a poppy so I have taken to buying pins. This one came from M&S.

The watch is one dug out from storage in September, it was a gift at least 5 years ago and I forgot how much I love it.

The nail polish is a bit like that too- a gift from T, weirdly another occasion where I was pretty sick... anyway... and I was drawn to it when digging through my polishes this week. FYI it's called Green Envy, but I don't know if it's still available...

AW Rings

And the rings- I wear these almost every day, Above knuckle rings have been everywhere but I like that they're still a little more interesting than a standard band and they're the easiest thing to pull on for instant Idefinitelydidn'tforgettobringjewelleryinmyrucksackthismorning glamour.

7 simple things, but they're all making my life a tiny bit more joyous. It's the little things, right?!

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