Saturday, January 31, 2015

From Where I Stand: The Running Edition

This post contains products that have been sent to me for consideration. All news, views and reviews are my own. I have not been paid to include the products or any of the links.

I keep saying it, and I maintain, I'm not a natural runner. The most recent foray is only because Helly Hansen asked if I wanted to be involved in their #WinterDuel challenge and I really wanted to try their kit (read more about this HERE). But to my surprise, I'm not hating it. I don't think I'll ever be one of those people who lives to run races or gets up at 5am to go out in the dark, but it's been a cracking way to get out of the flat on the days that I work from home, as per my will to look after myself a bit better. Upside, I have been able to feed my addiction to active wear! Hurrah!

#fromwhereIstand the running edition

Row 1:
Can we take a moment to appreciate my new trainers- gifted by Helly Hansen at a recent event (where I got to drool over all the things they're bringing out this year) I am a bit in love with the awesome shade of green- tights are old ones from H&M
A good old tights, hoody & trainers combo. These Nike Frees just keep going!
The HUGE bag of goodies given to me by the Helly Hansen people this week. Seriously- Kid at Christmas syndrome.

Shiny new @hellyhansen trainers getting an outing on the first run of the week.

Row 2:
Are we starting to appreciate the Helly Hansen theme at the moment? Helly tights and top for a super wintery run at in Cambridgeshire.
In hindsight trying on said tights after a New Year (because NY is definitely a 5 day period...) eating my body weight in cheese probably wasn't the smarted thing ever.
This hoody- this hoody is the work of genius. It's SHOWERPROOF for goodness sake, as in not getting soaked through if it starts to rain! It's also super warm thanks to the brushed finish inside. Kindly gifted to me by Mountain Warehouse and on sale at half price for £24.99. Seriously, go buy one already.

Yesterday was a good post day. Thank you @mountainwarehouse for this genius showerproof hoodie and I'm so relieved to be back in stock with an old and a new @teapigs favourite.

Row 3: I did not forget about my awesome the Nike Free trainers I bought in the summer (hello post dental work sale treat). They are the bestest mostly because they're so pretty I quite like wearing them with jeans on the weekend as much as for actual running & cycling.
Because you need to understand how damn bright this Helly Hansen kit is. Seriously, no excuses for not seeing me.
The Helly Hansen top is quite tight. And I don't normally like tight fitting but I didn't hate looking at myself in the mirror wearing it, so happy days.

*cliche afternoon run sunset shot*
Gratuitous sunset shot from a late afternoon run in Cambridgeshire. Goodness it was COLD

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