Thursday, February 19, 2015

Chloe Likes To Eat: 5 Best Ingredients Ever

Following on from the 3 ingredients I wished I'd never bought, I thought I'd lift the doom and gloom and show you the 5 things ingredients I love and that my cupboards are rarely found without.

Best Ingredients Ever

1. Pimenton
Smoked Paprika to the rest of us, but the Spanish version tends to be a bit richer, smokier and less sweet than the typical smoked paprika in the UK. I love a pinch in bolognese sauce or a heavy handed teaspoon in my fajita spice mix. It's super cheap if you find yourself in Spain near a Spanish supermarket.

2. Ginger
Yeah, ginger is pretty commonplace, but this is prepared ginger in tiny shreds. Whilst I love ginger for asian food, I find it irritating to prepare, this takes all the hassle out and this supermarket own brand version is way more reasonable than the branded versions that first brought the product to my attention

3. Peanut Butter
I LOVE peanut butter- I like to cook with it, eat it on toast or with a spoon. The whole nut butters (the ones with nothing added) are my favourites as it's all the flavour and none of the guilt. Worth every penny extra compared to 'regular' peanut butter.

4. Tom Yum Paste
I'm not brand loyal, and the next jar lined up is supermarket own brand to try, but this forms the flavour to lots of our 'ramen' style lunches (I posted about my instant noodle soup lunches HERE and you can find similar recipes posted more recently by Rosie Londoner & Lily Melrose)

5. Lemon Chilli Sauce 
I bought this (in bulk) from a food festival in November and it's all my favourite things at onces- lemon and chilli. Great as a dipping sauce, awesome rubbed into a chicken pre-roasting, and fabulous on top of stir fry. I'm dreading running out.

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