Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lifestyle: On Feeling Attractive

My partner always looks both horrified and guilty when I talk about feeling attractive- or not as the case may be, like he has done something wrong or that there's something he can't fix. It's very difficult to explain without making him feel bad or sounding desperate for attention of some kind, that there are times where I don't feel at all attractive- and that's nothing to do with anybody else and everything to do with what happens when I look in the mirror.

Working from home today. More in love with these @asos leggings since the make my legs look slimmer.
Uniform of tough days

This isn't a pity party- I'm pretty sure that no matter how beautiful you may be, everybody feels this way sometimes. Whether your skin is hating on you, your hair is sticking up in that annoying way, you're feeling bloated or you favourite dress just isn't hanging right, it can be super damning and leave you feeling very much at one with your favourite pyjamas and biggest cosy jumper. And that's ok, so long as you remember to pick yourself back up afterwards.

Get up, go for a shower- wash your hair with that really expensive conditioner that you don't use everyday or use the special edition shower gel. Whatever it is that you normally save for a special occasion that makes you feel good, do it. Go on....

I started the evening this picture was taken in a tearful mess because I felt like crap. I ended it miserable and wondering what I was doing with my life, but at least I was wearing a favourite dress and my make-up went how I wanted to...

Put on your favourite clothes- who cares if you're not going anywhere- put on your favourite dress or the silk shirt you keep for best- FYI this includes your underwear- go find that bra that makes your boobs into a dream, you know the one I mean.

Do something that makes you happy-  So that last bit, that's the important thing. Because putting some effort into the best bits of your appearance helps when you look in the mirror, but the thing that makes any and every person beautiful, however baggy the jumper or tired the pyjama bottoms, is happiness. if you smile at someone, it might just make their day. Your enjoyment of something might just be infectious and ultimately you might find that feeling attractive comes as much from inside as out.

Slightly inebriated Paddington selfie from last night. Had to be done!
Yes, I took a selfie with a statue of Paddington Bear whilst under the influence of a lot of alcohol in the middle of Paddington station. But it made me happy.

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