Saturday, February 28, 2015

What I Wore: Sparkly Sneakers

Whilst the rest of the world (well.... other bloggers) have turned to creating editorial style outfit shots, I seem to be going backward and reminiscing on the days where it was far more common to see snaps in a mirror, or simply looking down. There's something I still enjoy about look down and an occasional selfie. So in the past I shall stay for now, along with the running theme of this post- my new GLITTERY Converse.

Home. Wish we were pleased to be back but at least there are glittery sneakers.
Bershka (via Roman Road Market) denim leggings, Primark Breton tee and SPARKLY Converse

Satchels and sparkly sneakers for hospital appointments today #fromwhereistand
ASOS cat elbow jumper, New Look denim leggings, SPARKLY sneakers (seen the theme yet?!) & Zatchels elephant skin effect satchel

#whatiwore sparkly converse, denim leggings and the best green coat ever for flat hunting.
My favourite green coat via eBay, M&S denim leggings and the best sneakers in the world EVER. 

On another note, this week has been mental at HQ. I ended up having to take most of the week off work in order to try and flat hunt because it's looking ever more likely we'll be leaving our current abode by March 20th. After last week was such a nightmare of bidding on how much rent we'd be prepared to pay or having viewings cancelled left, right and centre because flats had already been let to someone else, I had to put some serious energy into. After some perseverance however, T & I have secured a flat to move into at the end of March. We don't have to share it. And it has a huge garden of which we have sole private use. The relief was tangible because hashtag London Problems, renting here is a lightening quick market. Expect my twitter feed and general tone of writing to be full of whinges about furnishing a flat and house moves, which I never used to mind, and I now find super hard work.


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