Thursday, March 12, 2015

Chloe Likes To Eat: Chicken, Leek Bacon & Potato Bake

I cook for some extended family with fair regularity, there's usually 5 or six of us around the table, and anything that can be pre-prepared before I go to their flat to cook is always a bonus so I have time to properly catch up with my folks whilst I'm there. This was a new one on them, was easy to pre-prep and could be done in smaller or even individual portions (think pie dish size?) and either frozen par-cooked for an instant dinner or cooked in advance when entertaining.

Potato bake

A pack of chicken or turkey thigh off the bone
 (or 2 chicken breasts, but I prefer thigh meat, and it's cheaper)
A pack of lardons or streaky bacon chopped into chunks
A pack of cream cheese
Couple of spoons of mustard of choice
about 200ml milk
A couple of onions
A couple of leeks
5-8 medium potatoes
Garlic to taste

Peel potatoes and cut into roughly 0.5cm thick discs, boil in pan of water for approx 6-8 mins until they're soft, but be warned they'll fall apart if you over do them. Drain, and leave to cool a little.

Cut chicken & bacon into chunks, chuck them into a large heave base pan to brown off, add onions, leeks, garlic to taste.

Add a pack of cream cheese, turn the heat down so it doesn't burn, stir to melt the cheese, add mustard to taste (I like whole grain for this), and stir in the milk. Heat gently,and you should have a creamy sauce gently bubbling.

Layer cooked potatoes at the bottom of the dish, add a layer of the chicken, bacon & sauce mix, repeat until the tray is full and/or you've used all of the mix and potatoes.

Top with cheese if desired (who doesn't like cheese?!) and bake in the oven for approximate 40 mins at 200 degrees.


Hello comfort food! Serve with roasted wedges of cabbage or veg of choice.

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