Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Braid Bar

 I have not been paid to write about The Braid Bar, nor offered any other incentives. I won a Twitter competition and this post is an independent review of my experience. I have not been asked or otherwise incentivised to review my experience.  All views and opinions are my own.

I wouldn't say I'm especially good at it, but I like to braid my hair- it's long enough to do a few different styles of braid and I discovered last year that it was the easiest way to keep my hair from tangling in the wind and still get it under my cycle helmet too. Last weekend, I won a free braid courtesy of The Braid Bar at Selfridge's a pop up bar offering a menu of 10 super cool braids with optional embellishments, none of them costing more than £25. Well HELO!

Just had the most fun at @thebraidbar at selfridges. Truly lovely staff and how cool is my hair?!
The Linda Braid 

I had to scurry to fit my appointment in before leaving London for a few weeks, but my oh my am I glad I did. That's my Linda braid- a dutch braid up the back of my head, topped off with (my choice of messy) topknot. I have tried to do a french braid version of this before now, and know that it's a neat way of adding some interest to a topknot, but it also lasts and I wanted to enjoy my braid for as many days as possible!

Optional extras for your braid include hair chalks and little rings to hang from your braid- I would have loved hair chalk, but knew it wouldn't go well with bedlinen, so passed. I stretched my braid out for three days- although I probably should have called it quits after the second, and I had THE most fun at The Braid Bar. Their 2 week stint at Selfridge's came to an end last weekend BUT they're back for this weekend (14/15 March) by appointment or drop in- check out their website for contact details and braid options too-  www. thebraidbar.co.uk.

I'm really hoping to see The Braid Bar pop up again when I'm back in London- for a night out or a little treat, I like the idea of having someone else do a way better job of braiding my hair than I can do myself, without breaking the bank and allowing for a little fun too. Fingers crossed to see them somewhere soon- if not a pop up, how cool would it be if they set up a permanent shop *swoons*

In the absence of the pros, I felt inspired enough to have another go at my french braid version of the Linda this weekend and it actually came out way better than usual, I wonder if my session with the professionals had an effect (wishful thinking much?!)...

Loved my Linda braid so much that I did my own French braid version today (because Dutch braiding screws with my head)
Taking photos of the back of your own head is way less glamorous than getting someone else to do it for you! 

I managed to get 3 days out of this a bit easier than my original Linda, but only because of the braid style. I added a few braids into my topknot too, just for a bit of added interest.

Huge thanks to the girls at The Braid Bar for selecting me to win a braid with their Twitter competition- although I wanted to go, I probably wouldn't have made time had I not won and it was an absolute pleasure. I shall re-iterate here, I wasn't asked to review my experience, no was I paid or offered any other incentive to do so, I just had a really fun time think this is an awesome idea.

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