Saturday, April 11, 2015

Marching On: 5 More Things About Moving House

I've bitched, I've whined, I've spent more time and money in Ikea than I really care to review, but I've moved. The whole Adult Moving House thing is actually a bit shit, it used to be kind of exciting when I only had as much stuff as I could fit in my suitcase. SIGH. But we're in.

1. However much you have urged your partner to reduce their crap, they probably haven't.
4 packing boxes of miscellaneous crap... REALLY?!

2. It is entirely possible to get used to camp chairs and sometimes this is preferable to making Actual Grown Up Decisions about which sofa or armchairs to spend yet more money on.

We now have a living room that's useable and a kitchen that's most of the way to being clear too. Have worked my socks off today and now I'm knackered.

3. Purchasing a sofa, on a bank holiday Monday, from Ikea will result in an extremely full car and deranged smiling faces (and the opening of several bottles of wine)

This is our 'we've just bought £600 of sofa and it doesn't quite fit in the car' face. See also the 'oh goodness we have furniture to build to ought' face.

4. Being woken up by Bailiffs looking for a previous tenant. Not cool.

5. Assorted relatives and friend WILL try and offload their belongings on you under the guise of assisting you in your endeavours at furnishing a flat for the first time- some of this will be useful (not needing to buy new bedding when you upsize your bed SCORE), some of this will not (even we don't need 50 wine glasses....)

But hey, we're in. The living room looks mostly like a living room. The kitchen is mostly functioning, except for a dodgy light fitting and some mouse-related issues, and we have an actual grown up bed and some actual grown up wardrobes. Now.... for the broadband to be installed!


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