Saturday, June 6, 2015

Made To Measure: Surania Swimwear Review

Product provided by for review purposes. All opinions on my own. I have not been further compensated for providing my opinions. 

I'm not creative. I'm ok with that- I admire people who are, but I don't have an issue with being about as creative as a brick wall, I am lots of other things, that's cool. So being asked to review swimwear that I have to design myself might seem a little odd, but I also like to get what I want and this is the ultimate chance to do just that.

So how does it work....?


It's actually dead easy, even for someone like me! Go forth and select your style- they have a vast swathe of bikini shapes, swimsuits and tankini styles to choose from- the have 12 different bandeau bikini tops, let alone any other options!

Next comes the fun bit, deciding on the colours, prints patterns and combinations...

Simple click on the area of the bikini you would like to add a colour or design to and select!

The really clever bit though, is that these are not just custom design.

How many times have you seen custom items that are based on ill fitting t-shirts or rubbish quality shoes? They might have some hand crafted custom additions but it feels a bit wasted if the product underneath is rubbish. Surania swimwear is not only custom design, it's made to measure. Sure, you could select an off the shelf size, but these babies can be made to your exact measurements. SOLD!

The very generous people at Surania, as you may have guessed this far through the post (or if you saw my May New Favourites post HERE), set me loose on their website with a gift voucher to have a go at creating my own custom, made to measure swimwear. And here's what landed on my doorstep. Isn't it pretty?

Surania BK
Bikini c/o Surania, Sundress- Missguided, Sandals- Havaiannas, Nail polish- Topshop

I'm a bit obsessed with green, that's not news to many people, and it won't surprise many more that I picked a design based on shades of green. Lucky me, that when I have a sun tan, green looks even better on me! I also love the simplicity of this block colour style with the black accent to add some interest. I told you I wasn't especially creative, and that's true, this is exactly the minimal amount of design twist I'm after in my swimwear.

Surania BK cu

And the fit- which given it's made to my measurements, should be fabulous. AND IT IS! I loathe swimwear that comes as single size, just because my behind fits a size 12, doesn't mean my boobs will, the made to measure thing, totally eradicates the problem. Sweet.

So, made to my own measurements, exactly my choice of style, shape, colour and design. For under £50. Whilst I'm not generally in the habit of spending more than £20 or so on a bikini, I fully expected something this custom to come with a hefty price tag. I was pleasantly surprised when I got the check out to discover that this bikini came to £45.90.

The whole process was easy, well designed and enjoyable. The end product is awesome. Delivery wise, the site recommends that it takes up to 15 working days for your design to become reality and reach you, which for a custom item I found to be more than acceptable. Overall- pretty damned good.

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