Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#Bodymode30DayChallenge - Part 3

MADE IT! If you're wondering what this is all about, you should check out my posts for Part 1 and Part 2....

So it's the end of the 30 Day Challenge, hurrah. I've had what seems like every obstacle in the way of this challenge- injury, illness, holiday, trainer induced mat burn.... but I'm still standing (yeah, yeah, yeah!).

Day 21: Mondays in my office can be absolute mayhem, and this one sure was. At least it's a rest day. I quite liked the Daily Challenge prompt... 9 favourite ways to exercise with 9 days to go... this might have featured heavily...

Take me back.
Chloe <3 her Lexa

Day 22: 8 days to go, just over a week. Tuesday is always my 'back in the game day'. 1st run of the week, first work out of the week, back in rhythm and routine and today was ALL about upping my reps for my upper body challenge (in the absence of upping my weights). I suspect this is going to burn like a motherbitch tomorrow. Today's Daily Challenge prompt.... one word to see me through to the end. 



Day 23: Running club, finally back to being fit enough to spend my Wednesday evening getting everyone through Fartlek relays. I also had an epic calorie fail and didn't eat enough- note to self, I will feel rubbish if I don't eat enough, which is neither big nor clever less than 2 weeks before a Marathon! The Daily Challenge prompt about delayed gratification was interesting read on the science of breaking habits. As humans we're wired to make connections based on giving in to what we want, but by holding off or doing something alternative, you can break habits and form new ones too. I've always been a 'right here, right now' kind of person so it's fascinating to read how that affects my habits, and goes a long way to explaining how going cold turkey on a vice can work out to be a very effective method of breaking a habit- a month without drinking has certainly cured my weeknight wine habit!

Day 24: AND MORE running club. It's always fun to show up and find there's lots of people for running club and to have a bit of fun with some of the people I've gotten to know. The upper body workout with more repetitions are producing a killer burn in my shoulders too! No commando bleep test for me either, although I used to kill this at school- almost always the last girl standing...

Day 25: When your trainer tries to kill you 2.0. More grazed elbows- the left side this time, so I have nicely matching mat burn on both elbows. I can't even bring myself to practise #highplanklowplank because it's so ridiculously hard. There are also the words which have no doubt sparked fear amongst all clients... new equipment... On a slightly more serious and less whinging note- bring on the heavier kettlebells, these upper body workouts might not be giving my serious visual results, but I'm definitely stronger for it, which is more important to me at the moment, especially having realised it's preventing the hypermobility I never realised I had in my joints. Joy. I skipped out on the daily challenge, I was too busy carb loading (drinking wine...) to celebrate my mum's birthday before she heads off for an envy inducing holiday.

Friday night wine o'clock face...

Day 26: REST DAY! I was living for my rest day this week, I've been super tired and it's partly my own fault for not eating enough. No Daily Challenge Twerking for me, just more carbs ready for a race tomorrow.

Day 27: Awkward moment when you realise your smug little attempt at good pacing is utterly screwed by a brutal 4km uphill finish. Trail running and my dodgy ankles do not mix, the Oundle Magnificent 10 wasn't so magnificent to me and I was grateful to pull off my kit, have a shower and move on from the race. 55km of my challenge down and sometimes I think I'm getting worse at this running business rather than better.

The Oundle not so Magnificent not quite 10km race.... 

Day 28: Monday Monday.... Can't quite believe we have a mere 2 days left of the challenge. Monday is, as ever my other rest day and much needed after a rough race yesterday and a beating from Jenna the Osteo this morning. The day 27 Daily Challenge prompt was all about goal setting and something the Grüppenührer has asked me to look at for my training sessions. Today has been a bit about concentrating on all the little things that I'd like to aim for, to see if I can come up with something good. There will be no more marathons after Sunday, so that's not up there, although I'd like to see an improvement on my 10km distance as that's been my favourite. I am desperate to be injury free because every time I have to stop doing something because a body part is giving up, my soul chips a little bit more.

Day 29: It feels kind of fitting that the day before the end of my challenge, is the first workout of the week. 4 sets of 16 repetitions for every upper body exercise complete, compared to 3 sets of 8 when I started! The Daily Challenge prompt- do something that scares you. Well, I've bitten the bullet and committed to PT for the next 2 months, in fact, right up to Christmas. Given the new tools of torture the master has up her sleeves, it became scary today!

Day 30: That's it. 30 days done and dusted. It's been awesome to have a reason to stick with a particular set of exercises and a regime. I'm enjoying the weights and strength side of things, which leaves me thinking I might be able to persuade Michelle to incorporate plenty more of it in forthcoming sessions. Because I was, in essence late to the party with joining the challenge, I don't have any before pictures or measurements- I'm a bit gutted as it would have been interesting to see if I'm imagining the new firmness of my biceps.... even if the bingo wings are still swinging a bit! Whilst not attributable directly to the 30 Day Challenge, I'm currently down a dress size in my jeans and several things I've worn lately are distinctly looser than they were last time I wore them. I will not be defined by a number on the scale, or even the number on the tape measure, I'm quite happy for you to judge me by the confidence that comes with wearing a dress & jacket that were the wrong side of snug 12 months ago, and being happy to look my reflection up and down in the mirror.

Had such a blast at #ascot yesterday and now I'm having full on Sunday blues after a week off.


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