Friday, September 18, 2015

For The Journey: July & August Running Updates

I tried not to overload my blog with running posts this summer because as integral to my life as it has become, I always wanted there to be variety in my content. But before I could blink, July and August seem to have slipped through my fingers, despite being super busy hectic months.

July was a month of racing. I ran 2 10km and 1 5km Race For Life. I ran through rain, a heatwave and I also wrote this post after I got yelled/beeped at whilst running one too many times.

I was shattered after all the racing in July because I hadn't realised how much it takes out of you between being there early and the emotion of crossing the line. I was glad not to race a single time in August.

FTJ: Running updates

My marathon race pack came in August which was nothing less than terrifying because it was a nod to how close it was. I also bought a second pair of trainers after loving my first pair of Mizuno ones so much (you can read about them in my June Favourites post if you're interested) and realising that it's good to be able to rotate between pairs and not have to ferry them between work and home. It helped that they were heavily discounted in the sale!

I wrote a post about skincare for active women, my Skincare Saviours post was all about the products that have helped me keep my skin under control whilst getting hot and sweaty 5-6 times per week. Worth a read whatever kind of sports you're into and I'll be interested to see how my needs changes as the seasons do.

At the end of July I started working with a trainer and joined a running course which has now become a club. Having some help and input on both my running but also cross-training and nutrition made a world of difference. I struggled to get my head around training less and also body image as an active woman through these 2 months, and wrote about it in this post about how to reconcile feeling so good about exercise with my difficult relationship with the mirror.

The summer running really took it out of me, I've learned a lot about running and I realised very suddenly as the mileage increased on my long run quite how tough a whole marathon is going to be. I came to understand at the end of August that my 100km challenge might not be as easily doable as I first thought and that in itself was a little terrifying.

If you're reading this wondering why I'm banging on about running and marathons and challenges, please jump on over the my JustGiving Page. I am running 100km to raise a target of £1000 for Cancer Research after a 3rd of my 4 grandparents was diagnosed with cancer this year.

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