Saturday, September 5, 2015

Snoozing Lions, Sleeping Tigers & 1000 Smiles Per Hour

It's been tradition in the 5 years we've been together that T & I go off and do things on the August Bank Holiday. It's almost always involved the M6 and getting stuck in Creamfield traffic but this year it was time to ring the changes. Two day trips in one weekend, it's a good job I have had the rest of the week off.

Snoozing Lion

Sleeping Tigers

T took me to Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire, it's the home to the largest collection of big cats in the UK- these beautiful creatures were amongst them, as well as the most stunning snow leopard, a jaguar, leopards, as well as a number of non-feline creatures. I loved it.

On Sunday we had a bit of a spur of the moment trip with friends to Margate. The seafront was a bit rundown but we were more interested in checking out Dreamland- an old school amusement park that has been rejuvenated.

🎶she's got a ticket to ride🎶

Had such a fun day in Margate today. Meanwhile back in north London some guy is so drunk he just fell off his bike at a major road junction. #sigh

Loved the branding and imagery...

Been to the seaside, caused chaos on the dodgems and bought a stick of rock not a bad bank holiday Sunday. #margate



And all the old school influences like this Helter Skelter. A few of the rides were still not ready to open so there's a little more style than substance to the whole thing, but we had a great day chasing each other on the dodgems and feeding 2p slot machines!

This weekend I'm off to Ascot, the swish bit because T got some freebie tickets from work- no rest for the wicked!

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