Thursday, October 29, 2015

Chloe Likes To Eat: Lidl Favourites

I'm a longtime Lidl fan. I lived next to one when I lived in Leipzig and they were a lifesaver as the nearest decent size supermarket in walking distance when T & I first lived in London together. As with any brand or supermarket, some things are a hits whilst others are misses, but having stocked up recent, I thought I'd share a few of my favourite things.

Lidl Favourites

Dark chocolate. Since doing a month of no added sugars or artificial sugars, my taste in sweet things has changed. I didn't even like dark chocolate before but I'm head over heels for this dark chocolate with orange (the raspberry version is a dream as well). £1.49 for 125g.

Lidl Dark Chocolate

Sparkling Water. I know some people think having a water preference is up there with #middleclassproblems but I don't care. I drink a LOT of water (3-4 litres per day) and I especially like sparkling. This one from Lidl isn't as gassy as some other brands/own brands which means it does go flat a little quicker, but it's less aggressive when you drink it. If it came in 2l bottles instead of 1.5l it would be even better. £ per bottle (I buy it in cases of 6)

Sriracha sauce. Because I've apparently turn into my dad and can't eat a meal without chilli. I thought this might be part of a short term range as I bought it reduced to £1.20 a bottle, but I keep seeing it in store. It's nicely sour and not too sweet with that familiar chilli heat.

Lidl Sriracha

Mixed raw whole nuts (T also likes their raw walnuts and cashews). I use these when making my own granola and my own versions of Nakd bars. T & My mum both like their brazil nuts, walnuts and cashews for adding to porridge or cereal too- I have nothing against them by the way, it's just not something I do. £1.29 per 200g bag

A few other less photogenic favourites:
Free range whole chicken- usually around  £3.59 per kilo
Pork & Apple or Cumberland sausages £1.99 for 6
Goats, feta, mature cheddar or cream cheeses- they're all good!

And whilst I'm here, here's a few things I never buy from Lidl having learned the hard way...
Tinned tomatoes- tend to be very watery
Baked beans- too sweet in my opinion and I prefer a reduced salt version too
Dried fruit- when I looked at the ingredients, there were some added extras I wasn't so fond off including added sugars and oils
Avocadoes- I've never yet found a Lidl that sells avocados that are within a month of being ripe.
Bleach, toilet cleaner, bathroom/kitchen cleaner- they just don't do the job. On the other hand, Poundland is well worth visiting if like me you're a fan of Cif.


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