Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fashion: How I Wear Navy in Autumn

With the onslaught of Autumn, everything seems to become very oxblood red, forest green and jewel purple. Which is great- I love all of these colours almost as much as I love that everything also comes in a shade of grey (one of my favourites for versatility). But in the haste to darken down, navy blue and the classic pairings of cream or white and blue can all of a sudden feel a bit out of place. Here's how I've been wearing navy for autumn.

Navy Autumn
Cat print cami- £12 Simply Be x Sprinkle of Glitter
Embroidered bow jumper- M&S (last year)
Tan leather shoe boots- £80 Clarks

The cat camisole I stumbled across when my mum was browsing Simply Be- I had no idea their sizes started at a 12 and this cami is cut so well for my boobs- which are always causing me to size up in tops. I really flattering shape and the fabric is super soft too, I think this would look just as cut sticking out of the bottom of a short knit as it does beneath a cardigan.

Bow Jumper

The M&S jumper is an old favourite- it has such a lovely weight to it and the bows were something different- or at least I think that's the excuse I gave T when he wondered if I really needed another jumper last year. Pft. What does he know. 

Clarks boots

The boots are a DREAM. I got 20% off these, which is good BUT they are leather and the sole is all grippy and rubberised- no more fractured ankles for me, no way. They're cut a bit lower on the ankle than a lot of chelsea boots or ankle boots, and because I have chubby ankles and not exactly delicate (powerful but not elegant) legs, these give me some shape back where there would otherwise be none. They also come in a kind of grey colour but I find the tan infinitely easier to work with the rest of my wardrobe- not just with my dark wash jeans or some of the navy blue beauties

Am I barking up the wrong tree with all the navy nonsense? I like the freshness navy and especially navy, cream and tan bring to my wardrobe as we cling to the last light in the early evening and the days where a coat isn't strictly necessary if you walk with enough purpose (and a huge scarf....)


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