Friday, October 2, 2015

New Favourites: Things I Loved in September

Oh September. It's such a funny month- business wise, it's still summer, the season is still in full swing with what we do and it's been an excellent September for business. The early September sun was coupled with a cool breeze and the whole month has felt autumnal to me- the knitwear is back out and I've just ordered a sneaky new coat- it was on sale, in my defence. Darkness is coming in quickly and I'm back to my 'light up like christmas' campaign when it comes to sportswear for running club, oh and training has been blighted by injury.

Here's my September Favourites though, so it's not all doom and gloom!

I couldn't resist the #thisgirlcan t-shirt from Marks & Spencer since I missed out on the original ones. These are even better with new colour ways and the shape is a looser draped cut. Doing my bit to support women in sport.


As the evenings have pulled in, we're now doing running club in the dark. Cue reflective everything! My 'Thunder Thighs' House of Astbury tights don't look all that visible being black, but the print is actually reflective. Cool, right. The Helly Hansen black top also doesn't look like it screams visibility. The below was taken with flash....

Look at it glow...

I'll be talking more about this top next week- the people at Helly Hansen very generously agreed to support my winter running for the end of my challenge to run 100km this year with some of their training kit.


I've always liked peanut butter and it's a damn good job. I feel like I've eaten little else besides bananas and peanut butter, so the earned a spot.


I've talked about Serozinc before but my skin has been super upset with me of late (thanks to trying a new product, lesson learned). Serozinc really helps to dry out any spots and generally clean things up, especially at a time when I'm exercising heavily and regularly.


All this exercising also has an impact on my hair. I try not to wash it every day because it leaves the ends in really poor condition, and rely on dry shampoo both for freshening up and also for a bit of volume because my hair is quite fine. This Tresemée version was on a 3 for 2 deal in Boots recently and I really like it- it's not heavy or powdery, it doesn't smell too strongly of anything particular and it doesn't leave my hair with chalky white streaks. The holy grail?



Chafing is real. I learned the hard way in the summer after running a 10km Race For Life and suffering full on broken skin from chafing afterwards. Some people recommend BodyGlide, but I prefer this coconut oil to help avoid nasty rubbing. A true life savour and not bade for moisturising my poor dry legs either. Oh and it's half the price of a tube of BodyGlide. Winning...

Oh September, a funny month indeed, and now it's October, I can't wait to have fun things to favourite at the end of October.


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