Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Review: Helly Hansen Autumn/Winter 2015 Training

The products in this post were sent to me by Helly Hansen & ADPR. I have not been paid or otherwise compensated to review them and all opinions are my own. Some of the products were sent to me in support of my challenge to run 100km in 2015 for Cancer Research. Especial thanks go to Helly Hansen and Beki of ADPR for their generosity and support. 

I talked last week about the very clever and very exciting Norviz training gear by Helly Hansen, new out this season. But as well as the very clever technical kit, they also have some very pretty (and equally hardworking) training kit.

Helly Hansen AW 15 Training
New in, Helly Hansen Training kit from the Autumn/Winter collection

The VTR 7/8 Capri is one that gets a seasonal facelift but always seems to be available. This is good because they are my very favourite. I wear them for running- including being my marathon day choice, for personal training sessions, for cycling and they are the best workout tights I've ever had. Every single seam is in the right place, they have a nice high rise AND a drawstring so they don't fall down, the 7/8 length means they don't get splattered or as dirty and they come in all the cool prints.

Helly Tights
Helly Hansen VTR 7/8 Capri sent given to me as part of the Helly Hansen Press Day 2015

Above- my much loved and ever complimented Spring/Summer tights.... AND...

New season, new prints.As well as these super bright ones, they have everything from a classy black textured print to a kaleidoscope style print in pink, white & grey. In fact there are 6 different prints and they're all beautiful.

Helly Hansen VTR 7/8 Capri sent to me in support of my challenge to run 100km in 2015 for Cancer Research

Helly Hansen VTR Capri AW15

HElly VTR AW15

These capris are not going to keep you warm as the temperature plummets but they are a great all rounder, especially if you prefer to keep your legs covered when you're out and about or doing what you do (the chaffing has been real this year). OH and they're not seethrough either. Wear whatever pants you like under these babies because it's still going to be your business.  They also launder really well- my original pair pictured at the top look just as good today as they did 6 months ago and they're washed a minimum of once per week- and being technical fabric, they dry pretty swiftly too. 

Another really REALLY gorgeous prints is this...

Helly Hansen Air JAcket
Helly Hansen VTR Air Jacket sent to me in support of my challenge to run 100km in 2015 for Cancer Research

Helly Hansen Air Jacket

The VTR Air Jacket is a dead simple wind jacket to help keep the chill at bay if you're off on your way to the gym or out for a run or a ride. It's water repellent and hooded and it scrunches up in on itself into a little ball which is pretty handy if you need to take it off and carry it or if you're tight on space in a bag. It also comes in black and a mutli-colour. I picked pink because it's high-viz in the lower light and that's quite important to me. 

It's incredibly light and doesn't feel at all plastic-y, it also has little air vents in the back to help with temperature control. It's another really useful piece of kit that I'm not really sure how I've managed without before. 


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