Saturday, October 31, 2015

What I Wore: Sky High Green

I am a uniform kind of a girl. Not even an insanely fashionable kind of a uniform but at this inbetween-y kind of time of year, I basically live in denim leggings and jumpers. Normally I'd fling a pair of Converse on my feet to leave the house every few days, and y'know, remember I'm still a human, but I spotted these on eBay a few months back and thought they'd make a nice change...

Nike Dunk Sky High Green
Nike Dunk Sky High via eBay

I remember these being a bit of a cult thing a few years back and wasn't prepared to spend the RRP on trainers I wasn't even sure would look nice on me, having had bad experiences trying on wedge sneaker/trainer type things previously. But £30 on eBay is a bit different. The description said they had been worn but I'd be surprised if these had been outdoors more than once. 

Grey & Green

Grey and green

In other news, still a bit in love with H&M. Remember this green jumper I bought earlier in the autumn (it's the one in my profile if you're not fussed at looking back....), well this voluminous grey one was another steal when I bought a sneaky new coat in yet another of their online discount events. I do love a slouchy jumper.

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