Saturday, November 14, 2015

What I Wore: Denim Dress & Tan Ankle Boots

There have been many cheap dresses from eBay in the last 3-4 years. Some managed a wear or two before I realised that an Asian large definitely isn't large enough for me, and some have lasted the course. This denim shirt dress has seen me through some seriously sticky summer days and it's all the right kind of awesome with a jumper over it for chilly chilly winter days. A keeper you might say, for around £5, I'm not going to argue.

Denim Dress & Tan Ankle Boots
Shirt dress- old via eBay, Belt- old from Primark, Boots- Clarks

Ironically, this dress is actually now a touch on the large side for me, luckily it's nothing a belt doesn't sort out, and given those buttons all the way down are actually poppers, it's nice not to have to worry about my boobs quite literally breaking free!

The boots. We need to talk about these ankle boots from Clarks. 

Tan Ankle Boots

Remember these from my post about wearing navy blue in autumn in October? They're still working hard for me and I love them, especially as they're cut a little lower on the ankle than most ankle boots- it gives me some definition back in my chubby chubby legs. Note to self, it's probably time to get back out there and running again after a very lacklustre effort post-marathon last month.... 

Denim Dress & Ankle Boots

Revolutionary? No. But this boots-dress-massive scarf combo leaves me feeling like actually dressed myself properly with minimal input in actually dressing myself properly. Made sense to me, but it's ok, I'll go snuggle back up in my massive scarf. 

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