Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What I Wore: Lord Mayor's Banquet 2015

Once in a lifetime he said. I'll never get the chance to do it again, he said.

In 2013, my partner was commander of the honour guard for the Prime Minister at the Lord Mayor's Banquet. It's a formal dinner held each year welcoming the new Lord Mayor of the City of London into their position and is attended by assorted members of the High Courts, cabinet and diplomatic community as well as merchants and livery from the City of London. The dress code is white tie- the next step up from black tie. Last time I had about 2 weeks notice to find something to wear, this year, I got a whole month, aren't I the lucky one.

LMB 2015
Commander of the guard. And me. 
From Where I Stand.... institutional carpets the country over. This one is Davies St.
Nothing exceptional- I'm not bold enough for sequins at events like these, but I covered everything I needed to! The star of the show this year for me, was having someone else do my hair for me. 

LMB Hair
Hair by the lovely people at Rockalily Cuts

In the wake of recent world events- I write this having just read of an explosion in a Nigerian town previously targeted by Boko Haram but also horrors of violence and disasters in Beirut, Japan, Mexico and of course Paris, the speeches by numerous officials were of particular interest to me this year. I do not and continue to choose not to share politics here or (for the most part) my social media channels, but I would hope the message that we must not allow those who support the oppression of choice and democracy to divide us or to set us turning upon each other as human beings is one you can join me in. I stand united not for or with Paris, but for all human beings. 

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