Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Farewell Old Friend

Snoring his fat head off.

That's a geriatric Spaniel curled up in my arms laying like a human baby. Yes, really.

Last week we said goodbye to our geriatric (13 years old) Cocker Spaniel, Monty. It wasn't unexpected as his senses have been failing for a few weeks, but nonetheless we're all a little lost without the clattering of paws behind us or the trails of dribble on every set of clean clothes.

Monty was a very needy dog, and that got even worse in his later years- he was regularly cursed for whining incessantly when we wouldn't be in the places he wanted us to be, or doing the things he thought we should be doing at the time he through appropriate. He was like that.

But however much of a pain in the behind Monty was, he was our pain in the behind. Farewell old friend.


Had to bribe the little bastard with a pigs ear today. I don't hate animals but Monty is like have someone else's 3yo.

Yup. That's a 13 year old cocker spaniel snoring his little fat head off on his daddy's lap. Absolutely ruined.

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