Monday, March 14, 2016

11 Things I Learned in the First 11 Weeks of 2016

11 weeks in! That means we're almost a quarter of the way through 2016 already, for me that means HOLIDAY! I;ve been banging on and on about our trip, but I am so excited to go somewhere new, different and rich in adventure! But what else has the first stint of 2016 brough, well...

1. Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance- A military adage that has been a uttered many a time in a our non-military household, and to be fair, I like to plan. I'm one of those people who gets a perverse kick out of making tables and spreadsheets and plotting schedules. This year I really had to get a handle on planning what to eat and when as getting into the kitchen on the days I spend at my mum's can be... challenging. Lists and spreadsheets are my friend, and in January, scheduling my workouts helped me knock about 5 mins of my 10km time, so it really does yield results!

This training business just got serious. @bodymodema better be impressed if I pull this off!

2. Putting more layers on is easier than weaning yourself off huge scarves and cosy base layers
I know I *shouldn't* be cold and I *shouldn't* need the blanket scarf, but it's just so cosy, and the air is still just a bit chill...

3. There is nothing like the struggle of taking off your sports bra after a tough upper body strength session. NOTHING...

4. Facebook Business Manager is still as counterintuitive as a social tool can get. Remind me how I view the page I'm trying to manage again?!

5. No amount of filter will make a selfie in train station shelter look glamorous, black tie attire or not...

Mostly, I don't mind working away from home during the week. Sometimes it sucks though, and tonight I'm flicking back on pics of Faceache & I whilst I remember... It's only 3 nights until I'm home again.

6. It's really not a good year to be famous and over sixty. Hashtag dropping like flies... 

7. If you start drinking alcohol off the back of dehydration and electrolyte imbalance that you don't realise you have, bad things will happen. And it will be embarrassing when a room full of people assume you're just blind drunk. 

8. If all else fails, become a letting agent. Because £192 to change the date on a rental contract is perfectly reasonable. 

9. Getting a new stamp or visa sticker in my passport is still as exciting as it was 20 years ago... 26 going on 6! 

Watching ENG v WAL and planning more fun things for our Vietnam trip in THIRTEEN DAYS TIME!

10. Having nice things is lovely, but there is no substitute for time and experiences. I'd still rather have an incredible holiday or hunt down sell-out tickets than buy things.

11. Some conversations will always be awkward, however much you're trying to do adulting successfully. Talking about some things will always be uncomfortable.

What did I miss? Anything 2016 has taught you or reminded you of?

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