Thursday, May 19, 2016

Spring Favourites: Navy & Pink

Ah May. Spring. Almost summer even. And yet I'm staring out at rain and having to re-jig my weekend running and cycling plans because there's yet more of the wet stuff due. On the plus side, it is at least warm enough for some lighter layers, so here's a few current favourites along a very navy theme.



Denim leggings. White denim leggings at that. And I love them. They feel instantly summery and as well as being cheap and cheerful at £7 from Primark, they're a joy for laundry purposes as they dry way quicker than 'proper' jeans.

I'm also easily lead by a stripe... can you tell. The navy one is a loose fitting H&M knit joyfully casual and great for packing as it doesn't seem to crease! The long sleeve cream version is an old Primark version, but there's often something similar in stock.


Shoes! I love pale and blush pinks against navy palettes and for spring. I had these flats made in Vietnam from a standard shoe they had on display. I think they're supposed to be a copy of a ChloƩ design, I just quite liked them.

The camisole top you might recognise from my autumnal post about navy (sense the theme? It's only because normally I'm a black & grey kinda girl...). Yes, those are cats printed on it!


Navy. Pink. Stripes. My current spring favourites. Now if the climate would just mirror that of Southern France and I'll be well away...

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