Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lately: The BT OpenReach Debacle

So, it's been a while. Mostly because BT OpenReach are the single biggest example of incompetence I have ever experienced. Our shiny new office (which is also part of my parents shiny new house) has been finished for 2 months, and the broadband/phone line has been on order for 4 months- yes FOUR MONTHS and we're still not online. Needless to say, our work set up has been severely disrupted and has largely involved my pokey dining table and an internet phone. Oh, did I mention it's our busiest time of the year. Yeah.

On a happier note, I reached peak adult this month and bought a car. A necessary purchase for the amount of time I spend between London and rural Cambridgeshire. It's distressing to me that it's cheaper to run a car per annum than to take the train even once per week between the nearest station (20 mins drive) and Finsbury Park.

We see to be a bit good at expensive bank holiday adult type purchases... Previous gems include sofas, TVs and I can now add a car to the list. #adulting #seat #carowner

When not working, I seem to have spent a lot of time eating or drinking- aided greatly by some of the beautiful late summer weather, there have been a handful of afternoons which have turned into very late nights thanks to either our garden terrace, or a pub with a nice outside space.... My liver will probably thank me for slowing down a bit in the last week or so...

Sunny St Pauls Sunday #london #stpauls #londonliving #lbloggers
Sunny Sundays at St Pauls

There are worse summer Sunday view to have... #hmsbelfast #cityoflondin #londonlife #londonliving #home #lblogger
Sunny Sundays in front of HMS Belfast

Super sunny #southbank after visiting #imperialwarmuseum #london #londonliving #wineoclock
Sunny Southbank drinks after a visit to the Imperial War Museum

Oh and events season, that's probably not helped either. For me, September-November tend to be the busiest part of the year for social events- both trade related with work and with Tom and his Army stuff. Naturally the first event of the season required Tom & colleagues to wear their wool mess dress when it was 30+ degrees outside. I've never been so glad to have the freedom of the civilian black tie dress code...

Late night selfie after an Army Function that was actually fun. Shout out to all the army girls having to wear will mess dress tonight though!
A very late night selfie, after mixing our drinks. On a school night. 

Food and fitness wise, I am a complete disaster. My training is but a dim and distant memory, grocery shopping has had to become a daily trip to Aldi for something half prepped or at the very least can be assembled on a foot of workspace with no cooking required. It's hard to believe that this time last year I was on my final 2 weeks of a marathon training plan. One brilliant discovery though....

Sub a massive cliché but these Skyr yoghurt a from Lidl are awesome. Layer of fruit in the bottom, just the right size for individual portions. They're 'low fat, high protein' and this week I discovered they also come in a multitude of flavours (as well a
Lidl Skyr pots

These Lidl high protein yoghurts with fruit compote in the bottom- raspberry, blueberry and natural (they do a tropical one as well I think but I've not tried it). They're 99p each and make a great snack or breakfast components. I also jumped on the sweet potato toast bandwagon this week....

I wouldn't say we were a cliché but.... poached eggs and avocado on sweet potato toast (complete with sriracha, obviously) after doing the crossword in bed with coffee... #brunch #saturday #lazystart #london #lifestyle #lblogger
Sweet potato 'toast' with avocado, eggs and sriracha

The verdict- nice enough but a massive faff- Tom cut these about 0.5cm thick, and it still took 3 rounds in the toaster- less of an issue if it's just you, took ages to do enough for us both.

Getting a bunch of #PollyPocket toys ready for eBay and I still can't believe how complete some of mine are. Bit of nostalgia happening over here right now. #vintagetoys
Polly Pockets!

A load of my stuff also just came out of storage, including half a dozen Polly Pocket toys. It turns out most of them were complete or at least 80% complete, so although I've kept one for posterity, This one and some others are all up for sale on eBay- go for a trip down memory lane and view them here if you're that way inclined!

So, that's effectively my last 8 weeks in a series of Instagram pictures. My parents are sort of in at their new house, and we're sort of in a temporary office, and I have grand plans for a new training plan and a bit of a reset on some of the bad habits I've fallen into when it comes to my diet, I live in hope that we might actually get to move into our massive shiny new office any day now, but I sense that may be vain hope at this point. And you never know, I might actually have the time and resources to get back to blogging, which I miss. But somehow, I daren't hold my breath on that either!

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