Sunday, February 26, 2017

Month In Review: February 2017

So February has fairly flown past. Maybe it just seems short because January was a 5 weeker. Maybe it's because I've been focused on projects of all kinds. Either way, it's been a solid February one way or another. And technically there's still 2 more days to go.

So I ran a lot in February. And I talked about it a lot... for a change. There's a reason my blog is named as it is... February has been the peak training month for the Cambridge Half Marathon, my first ever and I took the opportunity to post an update to my 2017 training happy goal - click if you missed it.

Fenland Running - Cambridge Half Marathon Training photo 32141194123_31197f141b_o_zpspdw1hmyh.jpg

On a personal note it's been a month of making peace. I wrote about family estrangement- click if you missed it, and what it means to make difficult choices as well as the longer term and far reaching emotional consequences- and it takes a bit of working through with the people who love and care for me- the ones I choose to have around. I've also been humbled to receive messages- private and public from others on both sides of the fence. Remember that there are a dozen or more sides to every story, and you don't get to judge.  

And I also talked about race fever. It's a real thing. There's always a cool race or event to enter, but there's also such a thing as too much. This year I've planned me events in properly so I get to do the ones I love without overdoing it on events that don't spark some joy. Working this out has been key to my 2017 goal to train happy- click if you missed the original post on my 2017 goal

On a foodie note, I definitely didn't get to cook as much as I did in January. This is always the case when I have to relinquish kitchen access, I mean it's like they own the house or something. I get that my situation with working away is probably a bit unusual, so please let me know if you would like to know more about my job and why I generally spend most of my week working 'away' but 'at home'. I don't have a desperately glamorous job, but it is in some respects a lifestyle choice which affords me some awesome benefits.

One thing I did get all over... Brunch. On a weekend I am terrible for eating enough. Often we have brunch and dinner and then inevitably get heavy handed with snacks and wine in the early evening. Given I've been running a lot (scroll up....) the brunch bit has to be good. I posted my 4 favourite (and super simple) brunch dishes- it's a disservice to call them recipes- click if you missed it. I also concocted this incredible protein mug cake one dark, chilly night... MyProtein Salted Caramel Mug Cake mix made with 70ml almond milk, a teaspoon of almond butter and a Grenade Peanut Nutter Carb Killa bar- half chopped and stirred through, half poked in the top. Joy in a mug...

Salted Caramel Peanut Nutter Carb Killa Grenade Mug Cake photo 32886762585_bf346721e7_o_zpstdjybyrj.jpg

Tom & I also started to seriously consider weddings. We got engaged last March whilst away in Vietnam and we have committed to financing a house purchase before we worry too much about a wedding but as we draw closer to the house buying thing, we have started to think about the practicalities of planning the next big life event. I'm not really into weddings and it's not going to be a traditional affair, but working out where to even start seemed a bit overfacing. After a few interesting chats with Twitter friends I realised that there's a lot of peripheral stuff that is as important as you want it to be. I'm sure there'll be more about what we do or don't decide to do about our wedding in the fullness of time, so watch this space.

I read some brilliant posts this month including...

Em's pragmatic take on her encounter with cancer in Brave Is Not The New Black... and a reminder to think on your choice of words when speaking to people, especially if you don't understand their situation.

Phoebe at North of London is killing it with brilliant posts with blogging tips but in particular this one about sharing and Improving Your Blogging Karma resonated for me

Lissy's point over at Dainty Alice on cliques and blogging is another one which had my nodding and remembering a few examples of similar experiences- if you blog, you are a blogger. 

And Vegan or not, there's some brilliant recommendations for in Lily's Four Vegan Lunches To Try post. 

And that was month 2 of 2017 for me. Thank you for continuing to read Chloe Likes To Talk, and thanks for engaging with kind comments, tweets and shares- let's get going for the last third of the first quarter of the year.


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