Sunday, July 16, 2017

What I Wore: Floral Midi Skirt

2 outfit posts with proper clothes in the space of 2 weeks. I KNOW! Things are hella busy at my end at the moment with work stuff, running stuff, cycling stuff, fun stuff and all the gorgeous summer weather. It's also nice sometimes to make more of an effort than my usual very boring jeans and jumper routine, just because. The skirt is an eBay special, it comes in a handful of other colours and there are loads of stolen images of (the brilliant) Amber of Forever Amber out there too, but she really did inspire me to put green with it as I was struggling to know what to put with the off-white hues.

Skirt via eBay, shirt from H&M & shoes custom made in Vietnam

I actually have no idea what is happening with my face in these pictures- I'm pulling the most peculiar expressions- please tell me it's not just me?


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