Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Prosecco and Running... What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

For someone who takes a fair interest in the food and drink they put into their body and a similar interest in physical fitness and sports, I like a drink. When I've attended blogger events (back in the day) it ended up being a standing joke that you'd always find me at the bar, but there are worse things in this life than a fondness for good vodka, a punchy glass of red wine or the first fizz in a glass of champagne...

It's not all that surprising then, that when I saw a 'Prosecco Dash' advertised, I thought it might just be my kind of running. 10k with prosecco before, during AND after. I mean.... what could possibly go wrong?

Deaddrop fitness organise all kinds of themed runs- a bank job heist, spy run, they have an upcoming Hunger Games run, you get the gist. The idea is that you start from a secret location- only revealed to the paid up participants a few days before the event, you follow clues and a basic map to get to the finish line and you can choose a 10k route or a slightly short 5-8km version. Tom & I booked as a two but if I were to do this again, we'd definitely book this as a larger team- we ended up running (I use the term loosely) as a group of 6 with 2 other pairs and it was way more fun than if there had been 2 of us.

In all our sweaty, slightly drunk glory

Because this event ended up taking place in Richmond, we ended up enduring the quirk of the tide coming in across paths outside the pub we finished at- hence the shoes in hand!

Prosecco BEFORE the run - we arrived at the start point on Richmond green to plentiful prosecco- as in take a bottle generous. We were impressed. This was about £40 per head to enter and I had visions of stinginess when it came to the booze, which let's face it, is why we signed up!

Prosecco DURING the run, and searching down clues from the map to unlock the code which gives you the finish destination. You also accrue extra points for selfies in specific locations or snapping other participants or taking part in certain tasks during the run- personally, I thought it could be a bit more straight forward and because all of this is very heavily reliant on a smartphone, battery death was inevitable!

Some of the stations during the run also served prosecco by the way. I cover just over 11km in between 'clues' on the day, and Tom & I reckon we drank about 2.5 bottles of prosecco each in 3.5 hours. We certainly felt it the next day.

And prosecco AFTER the run- these are basically the only pictures of me without a glass in my hand all day! It's a great idea to have a boozey run because the emphasis is on tasks and clues rather than actual running- I like the idea of a heist or more specific cast with a less frivolous back story- this one was something to do with a mythical creature stealing prosecco or something, I'm afraid it passed me by a bit as I didn't really engage with that- so overall- a good day out, a lot of fun, super boozey and I'd do another of their events as a fun day out with a group of peope or to celebrate something like a birthday- there was a hen party on this particular prosecco run which I thought was a good idea.

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