Thursday, July 13, 2017

Month in Review: June 2017

It's halfway through July, but I'm finally getting around to talking about June which was both very eventful and a very quiet all at the same time!

So June is my birthday month and this year, for my sins great and many, I spent a very sunny Saturday 3rd June on a first aid course so I could take on my British Cycling Ride Leader course in July. after some monumental screw ups with the venue, I eventually escaped at 3:30 to have drinks with Tom on a very sunny Southbank Terrace. By the time we stumbled home on Saturday night, we were starting to hear reports of a van driving into people at Borough Market. London is my city and I love it, but it was a sobering moment in many senses of the word to realise the people involved in the Borough Market attacks were doing exactly what we had been not an hour before.

On a happier note, the following weekend saw me take on a fairly monumental endurance race. I mean the clue should have been in the name Endure 24.... 24 hours of running 5 mile laps with my team- I covered a lot of distance between June 9th & June 11th- I drove home to London from North Cambs on Friday night, from London to Reading on Saturday morning and Reading back to London on Sunday morning before hot footing it to Stansted Airport after a quick shower and change that afternoon. And that's before we talk about 50km I covered on my feet on about 3 hours sleep in 36. I wrote about my Endure24 experience if you want to know more- click if you missed it, but suffice to say, getting up out of my airline seat once we'd landed in Spain for our holiday on Sunday night was.... challenging...

Running my first lap, event finish and a mere 24 hours later, adopting my favourite holiday position!

So next came a couple of weeks on the Costa del Sol. We essentially did nothing but eat, sleep, drink, repeat for just shy of 2 weeks and it was glorious. I'm not a huge one for doing loads of tourist attractions on holiday and that's why southern Spain suits us so well- short flight, great weather and an area we know well. I did however wear these amazing trousers having forgotten how brilliant they are...

'beachwear' by H&M, shortened to make them easier to wear as 'proper' clothes

Not content with letting our holiday go without a fight, I'd booked Zoo Lates at London Zoo for the Friday night we returned home and it was wonderful- seeing amazing animals with streetfood and wine- what's not to love on a balmy June evening? I'd definitely recommend it and I'll be keeping a beady eye open for booking it next year.

The really go to town with making the place look incredible as well as the main attractions, y'know, the animals.

I told you we didn't want to give up on our holiday without a fight, on the Saturday, we headed to Richmond to take part in a Prosecco Run... I mean what could possibly go wrong with letting a bunch of people in trainers loose on a 10km route that they don't actually know when you've been giving the prosecco before, during and you've promised more afterwards- want to know more? Click if you missed my race review of the Dead Drop Fitness Prosecco Dash...

Cheerfully shitface with a bunch of strangers!

And that was June! We entered July the week of my return from Spain and all the good times caught up with me- hello allergies, chest problems and snivels. It's taken me 2 weeks to shift it and really annoyingly it's had a real impact on my running which I was keen to get back in gear with as I'm running a whole load of half marathon events in quick succession this autumn, but there you go, life happens!

So, a few things I read this month that might be of interest and that I think are worth a share...

These 4 non-alcoholic cocktails. For whatever reason that booze isn't your thing, it's high time we started to see more interesting options out there that don't contain alcohol and all 4 of these look super tasty!

These 4 tips for running downhill by Run Like A Girl. Because it's so much harder than it looks...

One thing nobody tells you about with sports and activity is that it can wreak havoc with your skin in many ways, sometimes through no fault of your own. I've written about skincare for active women before- click if you missed it, but this TWC post on trying to prevent forehead breakouts from your helmet is excellent.

You need to go and buy this glittery little pin that Em has designed with SnowBird. All profits to the CoppaFeel charity which gets women educated on checking their breasts, and Em should know why it's important- her candid conversation about cancer and treatment should be gospel. FYI my pin is turning into a bit of a lucky charm, so go get one.

And for a bit of nostalgia, being born in '89 this post on growing up as a 90's baby still resonates with me and it was a fun read

And finally, a reminder that the #RunningDownDementia challenge is happening all summer long- pick 100km, 200km or 250km to complete over 20 weeks to help raise cash and awareness for Alzheimer's Research UK. I'm 106km into my challenge to go the whole way to 250k but remember 100km is just 20 parkruns...


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