Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Chloe Likes To Eat: Aldi Favourites

So I do 80% of my grocery shopping in Aldi and Lidl. Last year I posted about 5 of my favourite products from Lidl, not necessarily the cheapest or a dupe of something specific, just 5 products that I love from Lidl. This time around, it's Aldi's turn, mostly because although I used Aldi occasionally, it's only now one has opened at the end of the road near the office that I've been using them more extensively.

So let's start with the important stuff.... WINE!

Gavi is not exclusive to Aldi, it's an Italian white wine which I love, it's £5.49 from Aldi, which is about £2 per bottle cheaper than anywhere else. Look for the distinctively tall and skinny bottle, you will not regret it.

A chilled glass of white wine of a summer evening requires a nibble to go with it (just me?) and these salt and vinegar crisps are salty, sharp and a tiny bit sweet all at the same time. Crunchy, not as lethal as a kettle crisp but still substantial. I LOVE them and at 79p per bag, they're considerably better priced than a lot of branded snacks.

If popcorn is more your thing, sweet and salt is the only way to go and the individual bags often stocked on the checkout hit just the spot. Move swiftly though, because the sweet ones never seem to sell but the sweet & salt ones walk off the shelf like nobody's business. 39p per bag, a nice desk drawer snack stash addition.

And whilst we're talking about snacks these quinoa bars appear to be quite new and come in the cacao & cashew flavour or a berry flavour (which I personally find a bit too sweet). At 141 calories (C16.4 F5.5 P4.1) they make a very handy pre-workout snack, especially on evenings where I go out to classes and end up pushing my evening meal right back into the late evening, or this week as a post-parkrun nibble. Slightly chewy, slightly crunchy, what's not like about a chocolate nut combo that doesn't send your macros off the charts?!

Not pictured, but Aldi's unsweetened almond milk is about half the price of some of the big name brands, and it still blends into my breakfast smoothies just fine. They also do a sweetened version if that's your thing as well as soya milk in both varieties.

And brownie bars. It's a bit of a con that these are with the 'healthy' products, they're still chocolate brownies, but they come in boxes of 3 individually wrapped bars, perfect for on the go and for curbing one's enthusiasm for eating the entire batch of brownie in one go (just me?). These are £1.49 per box and if anyone in your household happens to have intolerances or allergies, these might be handy as they're free from several common allergens as you can see from the box.

A few other notable aisles to pay attention to in Aldi...

If nuts and seeds are your thing, check out the baking aisle. Did you know that you pay VAT on nuts/seeds that are snacks but not as baking ingredients? Raw almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts all work out cheaper from baking ingredients!

Chocolate Milkshake is a great recovery drink after sports because it's a brilliant balance of carbs and protein, Aldi's chocolate fudge milkshake is a treat in a glass.

What have I missed? Do you have a special favourite you detour to pick up on your grocery run?

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