Monday, August 13, 2018

One, Two, Miss A Few More: 2018 So Far

Yeah, it's been a while. I somehow completely underestimated how long it would take me to get my life into some sort of order form the chaos of moving back to living in London full-time and working a new job, in a new industry. But at the end of this month, it'll be a whole year since I took my new seat at my new desk and tried to take in as much as I possibly could as the new girl.

It's not the first time I've fallen away from blogging for a while during a huge period of transition and in my 9th year since starting the original iteration of this blog, it feels a bit like coming home- I suddenly feel enthused and filled with ideas to share again and so after the better part of a year off, here we go again.... To kick off, here's a rapid fire run through of what's been going on since January... (anyone else rely mostly on Instagram/photos on their phone to work out what they've actually done with their life for 6 months at a time? No? Just me?)

We went to Spain for a week away after the single most stressful month I've ever had, mostly work related, there was a point where I seriously considered if it was for me or not. To add to the joy, it rained every day we were away, except one. Naturally we took to the terrace bar for wine and excellent cat action for that one evening....



Like everyone else, we got hit by the Beast from the East, and it so happened that I was run directing at parkrun (Walthamstow is my home run for anyone who wants to visit and say Hi) for the Beast rounds 1 and 2. It was so cold that we had to call an ambulance for one of our volunteers due to suspected hypothermia (she was released from hospital the same morning but better safe than sorry).


We bought my grandmother a package of family photography for Christmas as it's something we hadn't done for many years. My mum & dad, Grandmother & her partner and Tom & I all had a whole variety of group and couple shots with a brilliant photographer who seemed to enjoy our sense of fun. he even made Faceache & I look romantic!


May & June:
... are always utter mayhem. Tom & I have our birthdays within a couple of weeks of each other across May and early June and this year we also had a lot of events and other things on our calendars...

We went to Ascot and it poured with rain which became less problematic when I hit a big win and we all retired to the bar.

We ran the London 10 Mile at Richmond Park the following day (booze fuelled...) and I managed a sneaky 10 Mile PB


We spent the bank holiday weekend on a major sport fest between benefits from both mine & Tom's jobs- Twickenham for the Aviva Premiership Rugby finals, Wembley for the EFL League 1 playoffs (in a box no less), and then we actually moved our own behinds on Monday to run the my favourite 10k of the year- the London 10000.


I spent my birthday weekend enjoying Zoolates and lifting heavy things with some of the most incredible women I've ever met- Strongher even got cake in and sang to me for the occasion, before we all continued to drink really quite a lot considering that we were all back in the gym for day 2 the morning after!

June & July: When it all went a bit wrong...

If we partied our way through May, I'm not sure how to describe our journey through the June and July.

Sadly, my Uncle Les passed away on Sunday 10th June having suffered greatly for surgical complications for the better part of 15 years and being seriously ill for 2 weeks. Sad though it was, we also lost an extended elderly family member to cancer less than a week later on Saturday 16th June. With my Uncle's funeral organised and the difficult task of writing a the Eulogy and trying to feel something and hold myself together at the same time, we were taken by surprise when we received a call on the morning of my Uncle's funeral to tell us that Tom's grandmother had died in her sleep, albeit that she'd been suffering from dementia, it was a shock and a huge blow on an already tough day.

In the 30 days from 9th June to 9th July we lost 3 relatives and I attended 3 funerals. All of which fell on blisteringly hot days whilst I was wearing assorted levels of formal black attire. By mid July, we were exhausted, we'd travelled hundreds of miles up and down the country and so we did what we do best- we celebrated. We asked some friends over, lit the barbecue and filled our bath with ice and beer and celebrated life for the living, followed a couple of weeks later by a wedding, 12 months to the day since my great-grandmother passed away.

Yes, that's right- this summer so far I've done 3 funerals and a wedding, but the wedding was so much fun it sort of makes up for everything. My cousin Mike married his partner Charlie and well.... if 2 bar/club managers couldn't have thrown a decent party, then we would all have been screwed right?


My mother & I opened the first bottle of fizz at our own pre-wedding, hotel room meet up at 1300 and Tom and I finally rolled out of an Uber at 0300 on Sunday morning. Needless to say, not a great deal was achieved in our household on Sunday.

And now it's August. I'm in equal measures amazed at how much we've packed into the last 7 months and incredulous that it is in fact already August and the Disney Half I'm running in late September is 6 weeks away and we're already talking about booking holidays to celebrate turning 30 in 2019. Yeah... that.

So.... as well as that little calendar updates, a few other things that you'll hopefully be hearing more about (if anyone still reads what I post here that is, not holding my breath to be fair....)

- I'm still running but club running and me have hit a bit of a road block and I've felt a bit lost with it this spring/summer


- Cycling has become a massive part of my life once more as I'm commuting about 22km each way daily as opposed to 150 miles on the motorway weekly, and I hadn't realised how much I had missed it.

- Like a lot of people, I've been working hard to try and reduce my plastic usage and my environmental impact by switching to reusable products, buying food and household products that have less packaging and investigating how I can do more to ensure my recyclable waste is in fact recycled.

(How cute are these reusable face pads?)

- In the 12 months since I started living back in the flat Tom & I have been renting for 3.5 years again, Tom has been working away during the week. Yes, we did a direct switch on that, but this month he'll be returning to living and working in London full time again, so standby for some observations on what it's like to adjust to living with someone again after 4 years....

- I'm trying to get my kitchen mojo back because I've been cooking less than I've ever done since I started uni (over a decade ago) in 2018. Maybe there'll be a recipe or two appearing, or just general food chatter, because y'know, food.

- I am back to wearing more than jeans and a jumper or my gym kit all day, every day and it's kind of a pain to have to put some effort in, but mostly it's actually nice to feels moderately interested in clothes again, maybe an occasional outfit post to come. Maybe.

Here's to a few more posts coming, maybe.