Thursday, October 10, 2019

Month in Review: September 2019

September has been a busy one all things said and done...

- Herzo
There are times when opportunities cross my path, and I have to pinch myself a little bit to make sure what I’m seeing is real, before I grab those opportunities with both hands and grip onto them for dear life. When I put in a submission to showcase what AR means to me to be considered as part of a creative project, I never truly believed a couple of weeks later I would be flying to Germany to spend 2 days in the Adidas headquarters with 7 other runners from Global AR communities. But that’s exactly what happened.
I can’t go into loads of detail about the trip, due to the nature of the project, but I can tell you that I’ve never been anywhere quite like the Adidas HQ. The site is referred to as a campus and that’s the closest approximation I can think of, the facilities there are better than most universities- they have a climbing wall, an athletics track, tennis courts and all weather pitches and a gym that is way better than anything I’ve ever paid for. Yeah, that. Oh, and they have their own Adidas Runners community- we had an awesome track session with them and although I couldn’t join thanks to a niggly knee and a flight to catch.

Squad Goals

- Classics
September was also time to turn 2 events into 3 when it comes to endurance sport with Swim Serpentine. I wrote a bit more about it here [link insert]. I’m officially not signed up for any more endurance events this year, having completed all of the Classics in 2019- how people survive an Ironman, I’m yet to work out, but I need a REST!


- House wreckage
We started destroying our house this month to make way for some renovation. I want to be excited by the end result, at the moment I’m mostly just fed up with having to make decisions and spending my weekend visiting the local recycling centre. We’re trying really hard to blitz through the ground floor which did have a kitchen older than us (fitted 1980, the joy), a corridor living/dining space and will have a kitchen, larder, small cloakroom and separate dining and living spaces, new windows, flooring, replastering and rewiring. Yeah…. That.

- Autumn training
Now that Swim Serpentine is done and there’s no monster cycling or marathons to run, my training has calmed down a bit. I’ve decided I still really enjoy getting in the water, and already have made a date to hit Serpentine Lido up (you can join Serpentine Swim club for £20 per year, and you can access the lido area 0530-0930 daily, all year round). I’m also still very much running, I’m enjoying sexy pace with my AR family and the only event I’ve got eyes on for the year is now the Fulham 10k. It would be nice to see a sneaky PB after a year of pushing myself, but there again, the exhaustion has been real so I’m here to see how the next few weeks treat me before I go too hard.


And now it’s October. There have been a lot of milestones to mark the passing of 2019, from big sporting achievements to big birthdays, and October is also the end of an era as I move jobs again, but before my next challenge kicks in I have a long weekend in Munich to look forward to. It was my birthday present to Tom as it has a personal connection for him, and I’m already looking forward to Bierkeller, Bretzeln and a little visit to an international AR Crew, bring on all the German goodness Munich can throw at me.