Tuesday, October 5, 2021

A Bi-Annual Blog Post: A Sedate Summer

 Yup... still sort of here. But it seems I'm into a habit of posting twice a year.... 

I sense I'm not alone in feeling like the summer months have been a bit nothing-y. Spring seemed to blur into supposed summer with lots of things still hanging in limbo with confusion around UK restrictions, and nothing being quite as it was supposed to.

Despite feeling a little bit underwhelming, there's been some good stuff over the last 6 months....


The boiler exploded. Literally. Tiling walls is a shit job. I shall rename this month: Mundane May.


Eyes on the prize, training seemed sensible as it looked more and more likely the London Triathlon would go ahead and my place was deferred from 2020. The wetsuit was retrieved from storage and I set about trying to remember all the drills I learned in 2019 prepping for Swim Serpentine. 

As a first dip back into open water, with a couple of friends who were also signed up fo the event, we booked tickets for a 'campfire' event at an open water venue that's a sensible distance for all three of us. Highly recommend making your first open water swim or first one in a while is not only with your mates so you can laugh about how ridiculous you look trying to get your wetsuit on, but also involves food, drinks, fire pits and marshmallows afterwards. 


Look at our happy little faces... 


I got rained on for three consecutive Tuesdays whilst locking a tempo run back into my routine, not a highlight, but it sticks in my memory. One major win, despite the water falling from the sky, even when it wasn't forecasted to do so, was discovering heart rate training. I've been aware of the concept of running your session according to the zone your heart rate falls in as opposed to pace or feel, but have never tried it. Given my post-COVID struggles with running, I figured it might be what I needed and I loved it. It enabled me to build some base endurance back into my runs without being completely exhausted. I'm still learning and reading lots around HR training, but I wish I'd gotten stuck into it when doing more distance running. 


Visual representation of the feeling when I stay in my HR zones for a whole 40m...


A new job and a new sport in the space of three days! 

London Triathlon, completed. 

After applying myself thoroughly to (and very much enjoying) tri training, the main event brought three seasons in two hours and although it wasn't perfection in execution, I had a great time and can say with some certainty that 2022 will include a Triathlon season for me. 


So much fin.... So much exhaustion...

I also willingly went open water swimming, even though I didn't need to and realised that somewhere along the journey, I had learned to love it. I'm not sure I'll be the person who wants to get in all year round, but the sense of space and peace compared to swimming in a pool is really something. 


My pink hair got pinker (if you don't know what I'm talking about, then come and follow me over on IG). 

My wonderful friend Alice (who was also a training partner through our triathlon journey) rode her first century and I revisited one of my favourite annual rides; London to Southend. We lucked out with perfect weather conditions, ate fish and chips on the seafront, only two people tried to kill me and I'm STILL learning how to clip in efficiently. 


SEASIDE... Got to be done right?! 

Although the ride was great in many ways, it also made me a little sad as I realised how much I'd fallen out of love with cycling. Bikes became a part of my life back in 2012 when I was too broke for a travel card and I loved racking up the kilometres on it, and got a little bit geeky about bikes. Somewhere along the way, that faded. Albeit that this September ride was tough thanks a injury, I had an amazing day out and it really made me pause to consider how I can bring some of that joy back more regularly. 

And now it's...


As is always the way with new jobs, it's taking a little while to find my feet in a new routine. We're also embarking on a final phase of house renovation, although we're using a trusted contractor, because neither Tom nor I have the skills to tile and fit a bathroom. It will conclude two and a half years of destruction but we have literally replaced or repaired everything in the house... yeah, I know. 

It's a bit of a running theme that when I come back to this blog, to writing, it's because my head is busy or the short form style of blogging offered by other social media platforms isn't serving me. So who knows... maybe this will continue to be a very quiet space, maybe there's more to say than just liking to talk. 


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