Friday, December 3, 2010

It's The Final Countdown...

I am the biggest fan of a good countdown, they keep me going through the darker months, tough times, or particularly manic periods. The most obvious one is Christmas with most of you opening the third door on an Advent calender today, but I'm not really huge on Christmas as I grew up in Hospitality where Christmas means major planning, scary decorations and long days.

So what am I counting down to? Well tomorrow I shall be in sunny Manchester, but more importantly, I shall be going to see FAITHLESS! They are my all time favourite act, and it will also be my very first proper concert. I've been to smaller local gigs before, but nothing on the scale of the MEN. Being as I don't see that much of The Guy, we're staying overnight in a hotel, something that's quite a treat after a couple of months of my cell- I'm sorry my room in halls. So something else to look forward to.

Whilst in Manchester I shall be making the most of the opportunity to visit *real* shops, and there's the matter of my last Christmas present to buy, thankfully most of the Christmas Shopping was done online, from the comfort of a comfy chair with a glass of wine to hand.

Here's what I've been up to on the final leg of the countdown:
Wednesday- THREE
My very favourite nail polish. Wednesday evening was spent swearing at the polish and my unsteady hands, but I do love having pretty nails:

T'Easy Does It by OPI

Thursday- TWO

My new photography blog. As you might have seen from my earlier post Pretty As A Picture (also the name of the blog), I've joined an Unofficial Photography Group in a bid to improve my shocking photography. I'd love to know what you think and ALL help, tips, tricks and advice would be welcomed with open arms.:

some of my images so far...

And Friday- ONE
I'm fortunate not to have any lectures on a Friday, so I try and use the day to get up to date and if possible a little ahead on work due the following week and any tests and assessments (plentiful as they are at the moment). Today I gave in to comfort food and drink. One of my very favourites:

And naturally the whole of the last week has had a soundtrack that conists pretty much exclusively of Faithless tracks!

I know I'm not alone having lots on at the moment, so what are you counting down to? Do you mark your counting in any special way?


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