Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bodily Resistance

Hareem trousers have been everywhere over the Spring, and continue into the summer collections in all the high street shops here in Sunny Spain. Everywhere I go I see Spanish women wearing denim hareems, jersey hareems, cotton hareems, silk hareems, cropped hareems, printed hareems. I like hareems. My body however, has other ideas.

I have tried on all of the above trousers, for 4 or 5 different brands in the last month or so. Every time I leave the probadores dejected and disappointed. no matter the fabric, the length, the colour or the height of the heels I try them with I STILL look squat (I'm five and a half feet tall and usually take a long length leg). It is the ultimate frustration for me, all I wanted to do was try something new.

So, anybody else have this problem? Seen a trend or a silhouette you want to try but can't seem to make it work? Seen something you love but not brave enough to try (Jumpsuits!)? Anybody got any tips on working some of the summer trends about?

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