Wednesday, May 5, 2010

If my home were on fire...

As I write this the well known blogger Liberty London Girl is tweeting about her appartment building burning down. She tweets "I got my pc and passport. That's it"

This set me thinking... were it my home on fire and I could only take with me two or three items I could carry, what would I pick up? Because I've moved flats (and countries) 3 times in the last 18 months I'm quite skilled at living out of a suitcase limited to 20 (ish depending on how nice the check-in attendant is, orhow bribe-able) kilograms. I don't consider myself particularly materialistic, and at least a fire would resolve the cockroach problem we have in this particular flat, but I don't know if I could bear to watch my possession perish.

Fortunately some of my most precious possessions remain about my person at all times. 2 rings that were 18th birthday presents from family members only leave my fingers to be cleaned, and having worn glasses and contact lenses for almost 20 years, I reach for something to see with pretty instinctively. Not too long ago an airline temporarily "misplaced" my only suitcase which contained pretty much everything except my laptop and a couple of books that I had deemed to push the weight limit just a bit too far. Whilst frustrating, it wasn't really the end of the world. But what if I had to watch the spectacle of everything I owned, including my roof disappearing, burning?

What of my favourite, irreplaceable handbag that's seen me through 11 airports, university and every business fuction I've ever attended? My perfect trousers, the ones that always fit (despite the stone that slips on and off) and that go with almost every top I have? And Maus? My red and orange 5 cm tall travel companion who's seen me from my, through Germany, France, Spain, a busted pelvis and a couple of ex-boyfriends.

At these thoughts I shudder, and feel the distinct urge to check that my somewhat slovenly flat-mates haven't left the hob or the oven turned on, that the box containing the electrical stuff for the lift (conveniently located outside our door) is properly shut and intact.

In case of emergency who knows what I'd do, but please comment to let me know if you have that one special thing you couldn't leave a burning building without. I'm intrigued....

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