Wednesday, May 12, 2010

That's So Last Season

So I've been doing this for a while, and never realised what a good idea it could be, until someone stopped me on the street to ask about my shoes today.

Said shoes were purchased from Primark last summer, cost £9, and are purple platform wedges with a wood look heel. I bought them, and they got thrown to the back of the cupboard because I got home and couldn't find anything to wear them with, having just "cleared out" a bit too heavy handedly. They got thrown into the suitcase for this stint abroad on a last minute whim, because they're peep toe, and I thought "ah summer".

My point (yes I know, I know, get on with it) is that keeping things back for next year isn't such a bad idea, particularly with some simpler or more basic items. Upon turning up for work, and seeing your colleague wearing the same H&M shirt you were hoping to pass off as vintage, or seeing your neighbour wearing the jacket you just purchased from Topshop today, it can be frustrating to be stuck with the same options as everybody else, even more so if you're not handy with customising or don't have the time. Having something different to pull out is the secret weapon that could make all the difference in the unspoken Fash-off between you and that girl you always see at Starbucks.

Wearing these shoes today, I did find myself wondering why I ever thought I had nothing to wear them with, as they seem to go with most of the clothes I brought out here, and they do, if I say so myself, seem to make my legs look just that bit longer and trimmer. They might be last season, but they're kicking up a storm in this one.

Upon realising that my "hoarding" as my mother likes to call it, is actually rather helpful I promptly realised I had a new excuse to shop, and have subsequently bought 2 new tops online, ready for layering in the autumn. I'm pretty sure every 5th person I know will be wearing something like the longline blue and white striped t-shirt, with military detail right now, but come September when they've all forgotten about that t-shirt, I shall be pulling it out to wear with my jeans and and jackets for the autumn, looking just that little bit different to those around me.

So go forth and hoard away.

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