Thursday, August 5, 2010

Love at First Site

That’s right LOVE.

Ok so I recently turned 21, and lots of my family members opted to give money to the poor student Chloe fund but I really wanted something I could keep and that I could use. The obvious choice was jewellery. I asked for and was given jewellery for my 18th birthday and it was a great way to have something lovely that would last.

So... off I trot to the jewellers. I wanted a new watch, having been without one for over a year now, I was getting desperate. I’m just a touch picky with watches. Delicate has never been my thing, but I don’t really like round faced watches and I don’t like that to be so huge that it bashes against everything. These are just a couple of reasons I favour men’s watches. So... drum roll please introducing my new watch!

Isn’t it gorgeous! I love love love it. It’s chunkier than most women go for, and to give the sales assistant some credit she was the one who picked it out from their selection having heard what I was looking for, and unlike so many I’ve spoken to, didn’t looked shocked/appalled/disbelieving when I mentioned that I like men’s watches and often find them easier to wear.Thank you Ashley. So that has been the first find, I hope you love it as much as I do!

The second and even more exciting find is this.

Not only love, but love at first sight. Inseparable, drool worthy, heart wrenching love. Having found my watch I had some money left over and started to have a poke about in the rest of the shop. And whilst there were lots of reasonably pretty things around it wasn’t until I got round to the very last case that I found this heart stoppingly beautiful piece. As soon as I saw it I knew I’d be buying it, which is quite unusual for me. I would usually take a long time to decide, I often wander around a shop holding on to an item of clothing, deciding whether I really like it enough to buy.

So some more info, for those of you who are as taken as I am with my hand candy. The ring is part of a collection by a jeweller called Shaun Leane. You can see his website and shop the collections online here. He is well known in the Jewellery trade and has collaborated with designers such as Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen. His relationship with McQueen spanned 15 years, and it’s not hard to see why when you look at his collections.

To celebrate 20 years in the trade, he created a diamond collection and diamonds now appear in his other collections too. My ring comes from the most recent Cherry Blossom collection, and I love it. It’s pretty without being to girly, it has character and pearls- who doesn’t love pearls? It dresses up jeans and a top and it sits beautifully with a wedding outfit I have geared up for my friend’s wedding, in a couple of week’s time.

In short: perfection.

Anybody else got something they just have to shout about? Anybody found a jeweller they truly love lately? Any exciting purchases?

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Amy said...

The ring is completely gorgeous! I can see why it was love at first sight.