Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Jewellery

So I blogged about my beautiful new ring from Shaun Leane just a few short days ago, and after reading a post on my absolute favourite blog A Little Bird Told Me I felt the need to add to this.

First off a HUGE thank you must go to the people at Shaun Leane. I e-mailed them after I posted about my ring to tell them about the post, and they returned the favour by featuring my blog on their Facebook Page. I'm delirious that they like my post almost as much as I LOVE my ring and it's a great little bit of publicity for my humble blog.

But moving on. A Little Bird has brought to my attention the issue of integrity amongst bloggers and journalists alike, particularly when there is the exchange of money/goods involved. Not only was the post a balanced and insightful view on an issue that is fast becoming a sore spot across the land of blog, it's also a warning to us all: once you lose your own voice and your integrity, there's no going back.

I should probably add to the bottom of this- there was no exchange of money, goods or promises in the writing of the blog and no bloggers were harmed in the process.

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Grace said...

I also love Jen's blog, A little Bird Told Me, she's great! I love finding new blogs so thankyou for the FF so I could have a read of your lovely site :)

Grace x