Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A First Time For Everything

Scarf in hair from Berlin, Jumper and Shorts both Primark, Tights M&S and Shoes ASOS

Shoes from ASOS
Thank you Eals for taking the pictures!

As you might notice I'm not really one for an outfit post, in part because my photography skills are somewhat lacking and also because I usually prefer to post my fashion observation. However, spurred on my compliments from a couple of friends I decided it's maybe time I lost my outfit posting virginity.

It's also apt that I should be posting this today having had a mini revelation regarding my denim shorts this morning. When packing to come back to uni they were thrown into the case at the last minute for reasons I'm still not certain of, and when unpacked they were put away in a drawer and almost forgotten about.
It was only this moring when surveying the options for today's clothing that they sprung to mind. I virtually lived in these shorts when in Spain earlier this year. They are my own personal perfection in denim shorts and best of all the remind me of lots of great things from Spain (mainly the sun at this point!!). So on they went with tights and a simple jumper. Hello versatility!

So in conclusion- can you tell I'm back into full on academics?! not only are these shorts fabulously perfect in length, weight and shape, they were also a Primark bargain, they remind me of all sorts of lovely things and thy're going to carry me through the summer too. Please tell me what's not to love?

So what's the verdict? Do you like the ensemble as much as my friends did? Love denim shorts or sick of seeing them?

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