Monday, October 25, 2010

Free As A Bird

As I have mentioned in previous posts I sometimes I like to squirrel away things to wear at a later date, particularly when those items come from big high street shops and therefore means that lots of people might be wearing that item. My latest item to be brought back to life is this dress- an yes my second outfit post!

Primark Dress and Belt, Topshop Cardigan, ASOS Necklace

Free As A Bird
 This dress was a summer piece, but as soon as I walked out of the Manchester Primark I saw several people wearing the dress, and although each in their own way, I knew I wanted to keep mine for a little later on, once the novelty had worn off. It also has long sleeves, which I dislike in the summer.

The belt is also a summer find brought into the colder winter months which now seem to be upon us, and I like that it adds a little colour to the look.

As it's been so cold here, I could think of no better way to make myself feel better than to pull something nice on and to snuggle up in plenty of layers. And as I made my way to lectures in this little number along with my very lovely new mac (more on that at a later stage!) and my favourite black scarf I felt much better about the ever colder weather.

So anybody else adopt my strategy to beat the blues? I like to use this tactic for exams too, who else is with me?

What do you think of revival of summer?

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