Saturday, November 27, 2010

Geek Chic

Like lots of bloggers I know, I'm a student and I'm also in my final year. My degree is French, German and Spanish (hence I spent so much time abroad) and it's also fairly unique because it's a triple major, unfortunately it means my workload is pretty horrific just at the moment, my observations have been limited to uses of the literary tenses in French, target audiences for German translation and some particularly nasty paraphrasing in Spanish. I know you're all horribly envious of me right now, aren't you?! So that said, I thought I'd try and inject a bit of my fashion passion into my study regimen.

My chic accessories this week have for the most part been:

The Laptop- Like many, I don't think I could live without it. I know lots of language students who have specialist software packages or digital dictionaries, but I'm quite boring, so long as I can SpellCheck in French, German, Spanish and English, I'm happy.

The other bonus is that the laptop is a very funky blue colour. It didn't really show on the pictures of it before I bought it, so it was a little surprise when it arrived. It's the little things right?!

Cupcake Mugs- These were a Tesco find.

I like a good cup of coffee, and I'm also a fan of Lemon and Ginger tea from Twinnings. These mugs almost always make me smile, because if you can't have real cake, there has to be something.

The Books- Possibly the least stylish things (but at the moment most used) I own. Well I did say Geek Chic...

So there you go, my geeky week. And now... onwards. There's German Grammar calling my name.


charlotte said...

oh my god, you lucky bugger,
three languages thats more than amazing,

i love spanish, i want to speak fluently but im not really near i take it as gcse, abit lower than doing a major in it i know, but wow!


Chloe said...

Hey Char,
The Spanish is my weak language unfortunately, I only started it when I started my degree, but there's hope for us all so keep it up. With all languages- don't use it, then you lose it.