Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pretty As A Picture

I am the first to admit, my photography skills are non-existent. It's one of the reasons it took me so long to start posting photos as part of the blog. However, someone I know (a photographer) recently started an "Unofficial Photography Club" on Facebook. The idea is blissfully simple. All the members of the group take it in turns to pick a theme/subject each week, and we each post five photos we've taken.

When I saw the group flash up on my News Feed I simply thought it was just a clever idea for more than a few people I know who are keen photographers, then I got to thinking (dangerous I know) what better way for me to have a play with my camera and try and improve on my own photography, and truth be told a welcome break from French translation.

So hear goes, a couple of the five photos I took for the theme of "Household Items".

So there we go. My trusty desk lamp. I really enjoyed having a play with the settings on my camera- which by the way is a very basic 4 year old Samsung S1030. I have no idea what the letters and numbers mean, or what the techie acronyms mean though.

Anybody else interested in photography or improving their pictures but too scared of the proper photographers to give it a go? I decided to set up a photography blog to keep track of my pictures and my progress so introducing Pretty As A Picture...

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