Monday, December 6, 2010

Bed Time Reading

There first full week of the new month is upon us, and for me that means only one thing- press! My love of fashion started with magazines, Vogue in particular and now I relish the shiny new editions hitting the shelves each month ready for me delight, delectation and dissection.

Now I don't think a monthly purchase consisting of Vogue, Elle and Grazia is too extensive. I occasionally pick up something else if I'm stuck on a train station or in an airport but I'm otherwise quite restrained. Normally I'd have to indulge my pleasure in a more guilty manner by staying up an extra half an hour to read one of my glossy delights or take a "break" from whatever I'm working on. But this weekend I was afforded a little luxury.

POP and Grazia a bonus and a favourite.

If you caught my last post The Final Countdown, you'll know I was in Manchester this weekend to see Faithless live (more on that later) and being as The Guy and I were so excited to have tickets we thought we'd have ourselves an overnight stay as well and make the most of a hard earned weekend off. So this weekend I not only got the thrill of purchasing some of my favourite press, unfortunately not the monthly's, but an extra bonus of POP, in my native language but I also got to read them from the comfort of a not unpleasant hotel room with no nagging feeling that I should really be working on my French summary of yet another exciting news item or propping my eyes open in a last bid to see something other than my German book review before bed. I even had a cheeky drink to hand.

Park Inn Manchester- basically opposite the MEN

I do love reading my blogs, and they are my daily fix of fashion, and there's no doubting the talent out there whether it be the writing, the styling or the reviews but there really is nothing quite like escapism that comes from gazing at the (currently) unobtainable wares displayed upon the pages of Vogue, or relishing in the wardrobe of the It Girls who seem to have Devil Wears Prada type jobs and wardrobes.

So here's to the written word and the printed picture and all they have to give.

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Unknown said...

Since I started reading blogs, I really dont read magazines as much! :( But I do love a good glossy, and so many of them also give away free gifts these days which is always awesome :P Hope you had a nice weekend away, cant wait to hear more about how the gig went! xx