Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Party People

As you might know from my post So Close last week, I was having a little dress dilemma as Saturday night was our Christmas Party Thing. And given the lovely comments and distinct preference for my H&M skirt I thought you might like to know I wore.....

Skirt H&M Leipzig (2009), T-shirt La Redoute, Tights and Wedges both Primark

Unfortunately The Guy may need a little more practice taking pictures, but you get the gist....

A good night was had by all, largely aided by the vast quantity of Mulled Wine, well actually wine generally and my dad's home made Mince Pies

Yes, that's Monty our dog, ever hopeful that dad might accidentally drop something
 And now onwards with the rest of the week. The Guy's Christmas present went walk about, but Amazon kindly offered to re-issue it, so fingers, toes and everything else crossed that it arrives before Christmas or it could be a tadge embarrassing, but other than that there's not too much else to do. We usually aim to be finished at the office by lunchtime on Christmas Eve, cleaning our house doesn't generally take too long as my mum is super tidy and hates clutter of any kind, and packing for 2 days Chez my Grandmother isn't too monumental a task.

How are preparations going for the rest of you? Loads to do or enjoying kicking your feet back? Anybody got any fun traditions for the run up to Christmas? Got any plans that you're super excited for?

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Sara Luxe said...

i love the colours on your skirt
and how tasty do those cakes look !>