Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So Close

I've never really been a home bod, don't get me wrong I wasn't one of those 18 year olds, desperate to get to uni just to move out either but having lived abroad and away over the years I don't really suffer home sickness so much.

This year though, I'm really really really looking forward to heading homewards. Having had a very heavy semester brim full of exams, assessments and adjusting to being back in the UK on a more full time basis it will be joyous to be in a house free from white breeze blocks and slamming swing doors. And at the risk of sounding rather spoilt, I'll be cooked for too. My dad is a Master Chef of Great Britain, but now he doesn't work in kitchens he likes to take full command of our kitchen at home. Oh what a shame... never mind... what's for dinner?

So this week- well there's been the small matter of the last exams and assessments to get done but more importantly- the packing.

I'm at home for just about a month this time as all my exams except my finals take place during semester time. Normally I wouldn't be too fussed about the clothes I want to take home but this year I'm going to be office bound for at least one week full time and in and out the rest of the time. Thankfully we don't go OTT in our office but jeans are a no go zone and the dresses I pulled on for the summer are so not going to cut it against the snow and sub zero temperatures.

So far the preference is looking heavy on sweater dresses- just for a change- with tights and heels as opposed to leggings and boots, I think I should be suitably presentable to the glittering heights of catering  recruitment and the addition of a jacket- front runner is my H&M tux, should make for Fashion Junkie the Almost Professional.

There's also a little soiree, as my mother has taken to calling it, this weekend. My parents put together (quite successfully given the 5am kick out) a Christmas party type thing around this time last year, although I was still in Germany at the time. The guestlist is a bunch of our usual friends and colleagues from networking circles, but most importantly they all know how to have a good time and for the most part they also know how to sink a couple of glasses of mulled wine too!

Back to the packing front- what to wear. As awful as this sounds I can never quite remember what's in the wardrobe at home so I really do need to take something appropriate back with me and for the moment...

Dress £16 Asda

This dress was a real bargain at the end of the summer, I bought it with interviews in mind, but it's also a simple solution to nights out and parties alike.

Skirt H&M Leipzig, T-shirt ASOS
Another Germany purchase, I LOVE this skirt. It's super easy to wear and allows me to keep it simple with a plain t-shirt, tights and a cardigan. The first time I wore it was to go to the Opera in Leipzig so it holds lots of lovely memories too.
Any preferences here? Either of these tickle your fancy?

I'm intrigued here as I know lots of you have full or part time jobs- do you have a strict uniform? Anything that you wish you could wear for work that's a no go zone? Any inspiration for me-winter work wear that I can carry over into my every day life once classes kick back in?



Unknown said...

Mmm I do like those two dresses but I think the H&M one is my fave! :) Im freelance, so when I'm on messy jobs I'm stuck in my painting clothes for weeks on end where any sort of fashion sense goes out the window. but when Im working in a warm clean studio, as long as I wear soft soled shoes then I can wear whatever else I like :) hope you have a lovely time back home miss. can you believe its 10 days until christmas?! xx

daniela kate morosini said...

i'm so nervous about moving out too! i can't believe both those dresses are high street, those are some high end prints! love the H&M one x

Kasia W. said...

that skirt looks great!