Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Contotionist's Handbook

Book reviews are not something I've ever posted here before, that's not to say I don't write them with fair frequency, it's just that usually they're about a book I've been instructed to read, have a minimum 1000 word wordcount and in one of my other languages.

But this book, this one is just too good not to share. I LOVE it. Written by Craig Cleavenger, the Contortionist's Handbook is a novel following a man who is a contortionist of  a different type. Relying on his knowledge of the mental health systems in place, and his ability to make himself into who ever he chooses to be, Johnny gives you the ride of a life time through a psychiatric interview. Sound weird? Well it is a little bit, but Johnny gives you a glimpse into a life that has the potential to be highly desirable and certainly one that's a whole lot more exciting- if more complex than my own.

I first came across this book in my local library about 6 years ago. The title grabbed me, and it wouldn't let me go. I wanted to re-read it over the Christmas period, but unfortunately couldn't find it in the library. Then the light bulb moment happened and I hopped to the Kindle store. I may have done a little jig when I found it there.

If you're looking for major intellectual stimulation, leave now, but if you fancy a thrill, a kick, a interesting story and that wonderful moment where you catch yourself wondering how many people are really doing this and living the life, READ NOW.


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