Monday, January 24, 2011

In The Swing

T-Shirt, Zara- £9.99
Skirt, my own
Tights, Primark
Cardigan, H&M

First official day back at uni today, and the trusty body con skirt/t-shirt is becoming a firm favourite. Simple but effective. Our tutor for German Critical Thinking obviously had similar ideas as it turns out we're going to be talking predominantly about euthanasia for the next 10 weeks. Simple, yes. Effective, in making a class full of final year languages students more depressed than looming finals already had, yes.

It's been a very quiet weekend chez Fashion Junkie, which has given me lots of time to think and to read things on my Kindle. The result of which is that I'm considering changing the name of the blog. I feel that what I post has out-grown the title Fashion Junkie and is now a lot more about life in general and yours truly with some outfits pitched in the mix. I haven't gotten much further than thinking about changing the name, so I'm not really sure what to move to, or whether I'll end up changing it at all, but I thought I'd throw it out there for some input.

And now, time to make sure I'm up to speed with the translation I'm going to be working with in tomorrows Spanish class. Oh the glamour, oh the excitement.


Ivonne said...

How cute is your shirt! :D

I like name Fashion Junkie but I'm sure people wouldn't mind at all if you changed the blog name. If you really want to do it then why not give it a go?


susan said...

Love the tee! :) I like Fashion Junkie, it obviously appeals to anyone looking for a fashion read and is appropriate in terms of your love of fashiony things, even if that's not all you blog about...but at the same time, there's no harm in trying something else out! :) xo