Sunday, January 23, 2011

Junkie Lust #4

Who says fashion should just be about what we wear? I don't. I was lucky enough to be given an Amazon Kindle for Christmas, it's the ideal present for me as I'm on the move a lot and I LOVE to read and it was also featured on my Christmas Wishlist. I have a zip around case which is quite solid so that when I'm throwing it into the bottom of a hand luggage bag or it's going in with my laptop, half a ton of academic books and bottle of water it doesn't end up completely wrecked but what about the rest of the time? What about when it's laying on my bedside table, looking sad and dowdy? What about when it's in my handbag with me and looks out of place with the pretty lining and my girly make-up bag? For this there is a solution...

Kindle Cover, £50.99

Stylish, check. Leather, check. Amazing colour, check. Covers Kindle, check. Doesn't look like a Kindle, check. Included book light (because Kindles are not back lit), check!

For now it's Junkie Lust rather than Junkie acquisition because at £50.99 I feel it's a little steep. Although it is a good looking case that's specifically designed for Kindle and it has the inbuilt light, I'm not entirely sold that it's worth over £50. However I am fortunate enough to receive a bursary in March because apparently nobody likes to study languages and I feel a purchase coming along.

Is anybody else lusting something that they feel is over priced?

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Alex said...

I reckon you could get a non-leather but equally pretty one for a LOT cheaper. Add one of those clip on book lights and voila, you've made your own!