Thursday, February 24, 2011

Angelina Ballerina

With lots of ballet talk around at the moment following the film Black Swan (I haven't seen it, but some of the images from it look very special), I really should have thought better of pulling my hair up into a knot this morning. But it's windy as hell today and having been kept up late by my inconsiderate neighbours, I was lacking motivation to really do much with my hair- or anything else.

Most amusing of all though, being described as a "butch ballerina". I should probably explain here, that most of my friends are male, and therefore much insulting take place between as all, I can give just as good as I get, be sure of that. So here's the offending look-

Angry Face- the aforementioned friend did receive a swift punch for his description!

Jeans, H&M
Cardigan, H&M,
T-Shirt, ASOS
Necklace, French Shop I used to live above.

Agree with the boys? I personally think the cardigan- purely on colour, is as far from butch as possible, but I shall have to be more wary in future. BOYS! 


Alex said...

You don't look butch at all! Pearls and a pink cardi = girly!! Silly boys eh.

Anonymous said...

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