Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fortune Favours The....

Fortune apparently favours the brave. I'm not sure if I'm brave, but I'm certainly a lucky little Fashion Junkie.

If you follow Fashion Bandit (and if you don't, what are you waiting for?!), you may know I won her recent competition. Not that I'm excited for my prize, well not much anyway! I also won a competition that Alex from Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks ran over Christmas. Aside blog competitions, I've won various things over the years- from a Christopher Kane Umbrella right through to an Epilator.

I am lucky. But winning a competition last weekend set me thinking as to how lucky I am, not just in winning competitions and things, but for everything else I should be grateful for. It also follows a conversation I had with a good friend over dinner last week when we were discussing Valentines.

So what am I grateful for? Well I have 2 amazing parents. Both brilliant in their own ways but both hugely supportive and who keep me going even when things seem to be going or wrong or are just plain rubbish. I haven't always seen eye to eye with them, but I've never been so happy to have a good relationship with my parents.

I also have The Guy. He remains nameless in the virtual world for many reasons, but it's got nothing to do with how much I appreciate him. He does a stellar job of putting up with my whining about university, people I live with, life in general and 101 other things. And more than anything, it's the little things. The pictures he BBM's, the chocolate in the post, and the mutually extreme views we have on Angel Delight (seriously, how can he not like Angel Delight?).

I also consider myself fortunate to have been born in a country where I have the right to vote, work, own my own property (and I don't just mean Houses) and to be educated. There are thousands of women out there who live in countries and in cultures where they are considered inferior, valueless or simply as objects. When I read about discrimination it makes me angry. Whether it's sexism, racism, homophobia or discrimination against a religion, whatever. I live in the UK, where we have the right to choose, and I was brought up to respect others and their views- different or otherwise.

I find it's good to take stock and remember the things we do have rather than constantly focus on the things we don't. Anything you're feeling particularly blessed with? Have you felt down on your luck of late? Do you think we under-value the things we do have?

And to round off, a little outfit post.

Peter Pan Collar Tunic, Topshop,
Cardigan, Primark,
Shorts, Primark
Tights, PPQ
Man I love these shorts. So COMFY! This tunic is also becoming a Junkie Favourite. It's so easy to wear and it satisfies my love of green.


Unknown said...

Hey wow thank you for following me:)

Cassidy said...

I just adore peter pan collars!

Anonymous said...

HEy! :) What a lovely post, it's so nice to focus on the things we are lucky to have and not just think of the things we need or want. I was just thinking about that today, that person can never be fully satisfied, we always want more, the next thing. There's always a bigger house to own, a better car out there, more places to see and travel, newer clothes to wear etc. If we don't focus on the little things and the present then we will just never ever be satisfied, right? I'm thankful for so many things! I really have everything that I need, and just being able to be alive and enjoy it all.. haha, im getting al nostalgic and getting carried away a bit, but i'm being genuine!! :)
PS Your outfit is lovely! :)